View Full Version : Not a Fluke.

02-21-2006, 01:37 AM
Minty I was wondering if you know of the amount of rounds you have to play and keep the average score in order to get this achievement.

02-21-2006, 05:41 AM
theres no specific ammount as far as im aware, just as long as its below 65

02-22-2006, 11:44 PM
And after how many rounds do you obtain it? Can it go away if you go over?

02-23-2006, 07:45 AM
no, you cannot lose it. mine went up to 66 after a nightmare round, and i still had the achievement. i guess that if you do your first round as sub 65, youll get it. if not, probably 2 rounds as thats the minimum of whats needed for an average

02-23-2006, 01:12 PM
Yes, I got this achievement after playing through 5 tournament rounds.