View Full Version : Help in getting past sword guys!!!

07-08-2009, 04:54 AM
Um how the hell do you get the shapes past the guys with swords? You encounter them the first time on 5-6: Booster Plus, I think. I managed to get past that level although I don't know what I did to get past the guys, but now I'm stuck on 5-7: Roo Roll.

Sometimes I manage to knock the guys off, but most times they just cut my shapes with their swords. I've tried speeding up and everything. I knock a couple off but then other ones use their swords, then I lose. How come the game doesn't mention anything about them or what to do with them?

Maybe it's something obvious I'm just not realizing. Funny how I struggle on these guys yet I managed to beat par time on Tower of Moo after only a few tries of playing it.