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True I Skill
07-09-2009, 11:33 PM
Ok first of all I would like to point out that i beleive most of the mods on this site do great work and are very helpfull to the users on this site, I will not be discussing any inccidents i have had with Mods in the past or recently, I will simply be giving my opinion that a few rules should be set for mods.

-Mods should treat users with the respect the users give them.
Why? because somtimes if a mod does not agree with another user, the mod will post hes/her opinion, If some one was to disagree with it, that person will somtimes get insulted by the mod with Rude comments by the mod, And then the user cannot talk back to the mod, Or the mod will threaten with a Infraction or ban from the site, Or most likely just give the ban straight away, And its not looked into or anything, A thats why i think mods who disrespect members should have some type of punishment.

-If a mod gives an infraction the same goes for everyone else.
Why? Sometimes mods give infractions out for certain things, Mostly little things, But then Its what everyone does, For example If some one was to get a bad grammar infraction, Everyone else with worse or the same bad grammar should also receive an infraction, If they are not going to and then them type of infractions should not be given out to people, To keep it fair so people are not treated diffrently on this website.

Ok well thats it just 2 rules that i feel should be used, I've noticed a few things going on with this site to do with mods that i dont agree with and feel the Mod is just alloud to do whatever he/she wants because they Know if anyone talks back at them they can simply ban that person.

Im sorry if any mods feel like im trying to say you do bad jobs, I do see alot of good mods arround this site, But i feel its time for a change and time for users to be treated the same, and have some sort of assurance that they wont get banned, Or insulted by a mod if they disagree with one.

Thanks for reading, sorry if this has been suggested before, Anyone who agree's please feel free to add more rules mods should go by, And anyone who disagree's please explain why, Its annoying when people say it wouldnt work, Or somthing like that, With no reason to back it up D;

07-09-2009, 11:36 PM
I guarantee the rules the mods are held to are much more strict than anything the regular users are held to. I suggest using the complaints forum if you have a particular beef, the admins read anything that goes in there and act appropriately.