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07-11-2009, 04:24 PM
OK, so the servers have been totally overloaded the last couple of days but I've still been on and playing and everything seemed OK(ish). Yesterday I was playing in the afternoon and managed to get the following achievements:
* Attacker
* Melee Man
* Milkrun
* Parachutist
* Master of your Domain

...and awards:
* Parachutist
* Best Squad
* Air Defense Efficiency

This morning I have been playing after the servers had been sorted out a bit but things don't seem to be working so well. For a start my rank had reset back to 1 when I first went in again even though I was up to 5. Seccondly, throughout my playing this morning I calculated I should have unlocked the following:

* Motorman Achievement - I have successfully killed someone from the gunner seat in a tank, jeap and also shot down and killed someone in another plane whilst flying. I believe that should be right.

* Defender Achievement - I have had the Defender bonus pop up many times when I have killed someone trying to cap one of my flags. Now I may be wrong about it happenening 5 times but I'm sure it has. Is this the correct way to get the achievement?

* The Pacific Campaign Achievement - I have been on the winning team on all 3 maps more than one but nothing. You don't need the forth map for this do you?

Also, do the awards have to be done in once game? For example, "Get Five Vehicle Assist Kills". DO you need to have done that in one game or overall? Either way I should have definately unlocked at least:

* Sniper Efficiency Award
* The Pacific Campaign Award

And if they are overall (accumulative) then I should have also got:
* Milk Run Award
* SMG Efficiency
* Knife Efficiency
* Attack Efficiency
* Defender Efficiency
* Leatherneck
* Vehicle Assist Efficiency

Anyone got any ideas or can clarify how you should get these if I've got it wrong?


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07-11-2009, 05:05 PM
You get the stamps if you do the task in 1 round.
so for the Sniper Efficiency Award you have to kill 4 enemies in 1 round

07-11-2009, 05:12 PM
Thanks! That does clear things up but also make me wonder as I got 5 kills in one round when I was only using the sniper rifle but no stamp!

07-11-2009, 05:20 PM
Some stamps are for multiple games. :)