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Green Day Rock
07-11-2009, 08:03 PM
1. A decent drop shot - it's impossible to drop shot computers and the drop shots usually bounce really high which defies the point of a drop shot.

2. A slice shot that actually spins - maybe (x) for a slice shot that spins to the left and (b) to spin to the right

3. A better and faster serve - more variety and faster serving, for example roddick at wimbledon a few weeks ago served at 143 mph on this game his top serve is like 134mph. Also make a greater opportunity to ace on the game as well especially against computers to which it is very hard to do.

4. A greater chance to hit the net and let - again watching the wimbledon final i lost count of the amount of times a point was won by the oponent hitting the net. However currently i am well into the pro tour and i have not once lost the point by hitting it into the net. I know you can lower the shot so you can hit the net on purpose but you can never hit the net otherwise.

5. Not an essential but a challenge system would make the game better - give it more realism with the line judges and umpire sometimes getting a call wrong and giving you the chance to challenge there decision.

I know there are other faults that i may not be aware of and will add in
This may seem like a list of boring samey complaints to some but its fact that could make this game brilliant
written by a dedicated virtua tennis fan who would like to see vt 2009 changed from the somewhat dissapointment it is

07-14-2009, 09:59 PM
Yeah i agree.
Its soo boring and repetitive, they need to mix it up a bit.