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Jedi ObiJoe
07-22-2009, 02:41 AM
OK - I know this game is a little old and I probably never would have played it had my little brother put it on my box and gotten a couple of achievements. After finally getting around to playing the game myself - in the hopes of completing it- I have discovered that some of the servers are now closed. Tournaments and online card trading are no longer available. Since the online card trading is down the unlimited card glitch does not work anymore. I did however discover a way to help boost your earned cards.

1. First and foremost use the cripple a team method listed in the forums and achievement guide. I crippled KC since they sucked anyway. If you turn their speed stats to 0 you can use the pickoff method described in the "Legendary" and "A Day to Remember" parts of the guide. DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE YOUR CRIPPLED ROSTER. You can always load another roster but if you edit one after the KC one you loose the work you did in KC. Just save you other roster under a different name (I kept it simple and called mine RosterKC).

2. Set your difficulty level to Legendary and do not edit the settings. When you edit the settings it changes the difficulty level. Set your Game Length to 1 Inning.

3. Start an exhibition game and choose your opponent to be the crippled team (again mine was KC) and choose a decent team to play with as your own team.

4. Use the no hitter advice for "A Day to Remember" and walk the opposing team. Throw everyone out at 2nd base. If you look back to the base and the runner has a full speed bar below his name you do not have the crippled team loaded. Quit and load the team.

5. Your goal is 1 run. It may take more than one inning but as long as you keep throwing the other team out at 2nd it wont matter.

During your game play on Legendary you unlock the chance at a wild card for doing certain things. For example: Hitting a Double on Legendary Difficulty will earn you a Wild Card 4% of the time. Not much I know but that is not the one we are interested in.

Throwing a no hitter on Legendary will earn you a Wild Card 50% of the time! Playing a 9 inning game on Legendary will also unlock the 80% and 100% chance but that takes a long time.

6. Redeem your wild card in the cards menu and hope for a pack of cards.

7. Rinse and Repeat until you get to 100 cards unlocked. This method takes a while but with the card trade glitch gone this is the best I found. Hope it helps. The "Unlock a Team" achievement is obviously harder since a few have some really difficult cards to unlock.

Good Luck! If anyone knows an easier please let everyone know. A few of us didn't get around to playing the game until far too late.

Lonsta DaMonsta
09-29-2009, 10:29 PM
Were you able to redeem your wild card? I can't seem to, it always gives me an error... I have 4 Wild Cards and can't redeem any of them.

Lord of Orion
04-29-2010, 07:39 PM
If I am not mistaken, since the servers are down, the wild cards cannot be unlocked. Therefore, the best thing to do is just play a game and get the cards you can and sell any duplicates.

Lord of Orion
05-07-2010, 07:10 PM
I will stand corrected ... if you are unable to sell cards or unlock wild cards, you need to delete your VIP profile and start over. No easy way to say that, but it happened to more than just you.