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01-15-2007, 09:36 PM
So I have no idea what this is worth... and I cant make out the sigs... but does anyone have a guess as to how much this would be worth??? Its legit by the way

ok well Peter Leboutillier # 52 has signed it that I know for sure

and these are some other possibilities:
Jeff Nielsen #19?
Jason Marshall #23?
Josef Marha #10?

Shaaady Souljah
01-15-2007, 09:42 PM
depends on where you sell it, i would say. probably worth quite a bit if it has a Certificate Of Authenticity to go with it... if it does not have a COA, then it loses A LOT of value.

01-15-2007, 10:23 PM
no it doesnt have COA... but I know its legit I got it from one of my dads friends

01-15-2007, 10:54 PM
no it doesnt have COA... but I know its legit I got it from one of my dads friends

Unfortanetly it will be worth barely anything without the COA. I collect alot of autographed items and without that i won't touch them. As a buyer if there is no COA your basically taking the sellers word that those players signed the item. I don't know you as the seller so i am surely not just going to take your word and shell out $100's or $1,000's of dollars for an item.

Sorry to tell you but there has been way to much autograph forgery in collectibles so no one trusts anyone anymore.

Shaaady Souljah
01-15-2007, 11:20 PM
maybe you could find who got it autographed and ask for a COA to be made... or maybe they have some photographs taken from when they were signing it. it is not as good as a COA, but it is better than nothing and shows proof--especially if both the player and who owned it are in the photos.

01-15-2007, 11:33 PM
Yeah I agree with all the other guys. If you can go get a COA.

01-16-2007, 01:47 AM
i dont like hockey as much as baseball or football... ill give you 5 bucks!?

01-16-2007, 01:47 AM
well I unno.. I dont live in LA... and they guy that gave it to me does and I dont really want to ask him if he has it cause it would be kinda rude but here are some more pics

01-16-2007, 03:09 AM
It's not rude at all. he has no use for them anymore. I think you should go ahead and grab the COA from him.

Also, I noticed one of the signatures smugged on the very top of the helmet. I don't know too much about collectables but I think that could possibly bring down the value. Regardless, you need that COA. He has no use for them anymore.

01-16-2007, 03:31 AM
lol meh, I dont want to sell it, I was jsut wondering and ya I didnt smudge it... it was like that when I got it :( but WHO CARES I am a ducks fan so I am keeping it

01-16-2007, 04:03 AM
Alright solid. You should put it in one of those glass/plastic cube cases that I always see people put their memoribilia (holy I spelt that so wrong but I don't want to fix it).