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The Editor
07-22-2009, 08:49 PM
Alright i have a lot of fun with the game but i think i just didnt get the basics of this yet

You guys are recommending Catador for the tour achievements.

Now in the actual races what do i select?

Follow,Relay or Effort and at which %?

When do i use the attack properly?

I seem to loose every race with him

Help please

07-23-2009, 02:52 AM
I personally never use the relay option (I'm probably not enough skilled for it).

About Contador, if you try to make him win some classic races, it's normal that you lose them.

Contador is a good climber, so when a race don't have a col or mountain, just make him follow until the end of the race.

When you are in a race with a col or mountain, make him attack at the foot of the col/mountain and once the attack bar is empty, put him at 100% and keep it like that until the end.

When they are two cols or mountains, make him attack at the foot of the second one then put 100% once the attack bar is empty and keep it like that until the end.

When they are four or five cols/mountains, make him attack at the foot of the third one (if there are four) or the fourth one (if there are five), then put 100% and keep it like that until the end.

For the others races, just make him follow.

You don't even need to use/manage the others players in your team, just leave them "follow".

Don't worry if Contador have a big time delay compared to the first one in the ranking after a few races, he'll easily fill it during the col/mountains races.

Like the real "Tour de France" which is often won during the mountains race, so by good climbers.

ig g0dz
07-23-2009, 08:16 AM
well i attacked sometimes on last climb and then i do 100% he give evrything sometimes i attack in the second mountain already when there are 5 of them then use 100% eather but when u on the top like 80% and if the green is close up you need to do like 70% and attack u need when he say YEAH! then its a good attack longer and stronger. but valverde owns whit fast aatacks and contador u can better last climbs sometimes one climb before.