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07-22-2009, 09:19 PM
Last two before Platinum, just wondering if anyone has any different points about the two levels. like which character to use or where all 5 skill shots are!!!!

07-30-2009, 01:39 PM
For Find The Female, I used Long Haul. I use it because its primary weapon is easy to "surface to air" take down the helicopters by one shot without fine aimming. This mission has many hovering helicopters, so it helps faster to chrage up the overdrive.

I list the location of the 5 skill shots below. I think the 1st, 2nd and 5th are slightly difficult to notify it again if you overlooked the first time:
1. Turn 120 degree left back at the starting point.
2. At the starting point, few steps straight forward until meet the first Autobot form the red and white tower. You turn 90 degree right and look at the side at the top of the tower, there is a skill shot on a red checker. (easily be overlooked)
3. Continue stright forward to first base, you should see a skill shot in front of you on the wall of a building.
4. After drop off the 1st engineer, jump to the roof of the 2nd base, a skill shots can be seen in the river.
5. After jump over the river and facing the 4th base, a skill shot facing right at the top of the right tower.

Video added (2009-08-04):
YouTube - Transformers 2 - Find The Female [Platinum Medal] (3:26:29)

08-01-2009, 07:07 AM
I'm sorry but i do not see a skill shot above the water tank (#2). Is there anyway to be more specific? :)

08-02-2009, 07:07 AM
After mission started walk straight forward, when you meet the first autobot form the right, it is the tower with red and white pattern (I guess it is a water tanker).

Turn 90 degree right and look at the top of the tower side. There is a skill shot on the red checker. Because it is a red skill shot on a red square, you may overlook it if you use a short character or form far away.

(I have modified my original post)

08-02-2009, 07:39 AM
For the Ladiesman217, it is my last Pt demal in the campaign. I used Long Haul.
I believe there is no difficult to locate all 5 skill shots. I do not specific locate the 5 skill shots here.

The video form other thread is helpful which also used Long Haul.

There is two criticial issues to get Pt medal in this mission:

1. Wisely use your overdrive power to takedown wave of Autobots.
(Use overdrive for the armored car Autobots in the first 12th of Autobots, and for the helicopter Autobots in the final wave)
2. At the final wave, take down the Helicoptor Autobots as soon as possible at all cost.
(Remind that Long Haul special ability can health hiself)

Some suggestion as I remember at the time of writing:

For the first few wave of Autobots:

Stage 1 (2/12) :
First, takedown the 1st & 2nd car type Autobots first. You should hit them by primary weapon or secondary weapon to lower their hit point first and finally use advance melee take down in order to charge up the overdrive gauge. (Note: get 1st skill shot at the very beginning of the mission. It is at the top of a smokestack at the left building.

Stage 2 (4/12):
The 3th & 4th helicopter Autobots will be in robot mode stay closely together at the top of building. You walk in front one, use secondary weapon frame fire to its HEAD. It will transform to escape when life is low and you will finally make a "Surface to Air" takedown to increase your overdrive gauge. Repeat to another.
(Note: get the 2nd skill shot at the top of a bridge across two buildings)

Stage 3 (6/12):
I forgot my progress how to takedown the 5-6th Autobots.
(Get the 3rd skill shot at the wall of a building before meet the 7-9th Autobots)

Stage 4 (9/12):
You should use overdrived primary weapon to takedown the 7-9th car Autobots.

Stage 5 (10/12)
There should be enough time and overdriver power towards to the 10th armored car Autobot and take it down by overdirved Primary weapon.

Stage 5 (12/12):
Then climb to kill the 11-12th helicopter Autobots by head aimming secondary weapon frame fire, should get "Surfafe to Air" takedown to charge up the overdrive gauge.
Stage 6:
After takedown the first 12 Autobots, go to Sam's house and take the 4th skill shots near Sam's house. You should use secondary weapon to faster to destory Sam's house.

Stage 7:
After dropped off Sam, take the 5th skill shot which is at the right front at the wall below you.

Stage final (eliminate helicopter Autobots as fast as possible!):

Jump to the ground. I usually have 80-90% full overdrive gauge at the moment. When this final battle start, you may ignore the big armored car Autobots, looking for small Autobots and advance takedown them first in order to charge up the power gauge.

Once overdrive is ready, use it and rapid fire the primary weapon to take down all helicoptors Autobots you can see is the highest pirority, then take down armored car Autobots is the second choice. You may try to leave some car Autobots life for advance takedown later for charging the overdrive gauge in next round overdrive attack.

Remember you can use the Long Haul special ability to health yourself. So you may ignore some attack form armour car autobot and focus on attacking the helicopter autobots.