View Full Version : help me please iam stuck on ep 5

07-26-2009, 04:16 PM
hello gamers iam stuck on episode 5 the part where u first see the flags by the hutch or watever that thing is....but anyways where do I go from the flags??????the guide s just say go to the flags then go to another place but they don't tell u how to get to the other place can some one help please

kAy to the iLLesT
07-26-2009, 08:00 PM
First you have to go behind the waterfall and examine a door. Then you go to the beach and talk to Hurley (the fat guy) and ask him about dynamite. He'll tell you they are in some place called Black Rock. Now you can go back to the black flags and examine them to travel to the Dark Territory.

07-27-2009, 06:09 AM
good look out homie iam at work now but iam a try it as soon as I get home