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01-17-2007, 07:41 PM
Official Site (http://www.tenchu.net/senran/) - has a cool little ninja creator like in the game you can play with!

I'm a From Software whore so take this the knowledge that I might be biased. Otogi was my second favorite game on XBox (behind Splinter Cell, come on!). This is one of the best games to import for an English speaking individual imo. First of all, if you like stealth games this is just so much fun! If you are an importer, chances are you love ninjas already and this game makes you feel like one. The controls take all of five mins to master and you'll be crouching around and dashing across rooftops to drop down on some poor sap in no time. Graphically it's not going to win any awards but the game has style in spades.

So I highly recommend this game. Probably the best one for a new importer to cut his/her teeth on.

Anyhow, let me leave with a gameplay video from Gametrailers.com...