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07-27-2009, 08:16 PM
Well what im hoping is a call of duty feeling (game modes) Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch, Team Tac, Headquaters, (ect...)
Im also hoping for a "Create a Class"
Weapon-MP40 ^Attachment^ * Silencer*
Side Arm-Nambu ^No Attachment^
Special Grenade-Smoke
Perk 1- (?)
Perk 2- (?)
Perk 3- (?)
*Reset To Default*
Primary Attributes
Accuracy (Percent)
Damage (Percent)
Range (Percent)
Fire Rate (Percent)
Mobility (Percent)

I think this would make the game a lot more fun. There is a lot of Xbox Live (Multiplayer) Achievements so if the makers of this game put in more of multiplayer achievements then it would be smart to make a lot of game modes, Prestige Mode (Or something like that), Leaderboards, Barracks, Challenges, It would make for a good game.

*NOTE* I do not want them to copy call of duty (WAW) Or (MW).

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07-28-2009, 01:00 AM
I hope they bring back the multiplayer from the Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The class-based system and the secondary/primary objectives idea was pretty sweet.

We have enough Call of Duties being churned out every 9 months, I'd rather not have them ruin the franchise with "perks" and other features only a Call of Duty game could get away with and still have people play it.

07-30-2009, 03:45 PM
Well what im hoping is a call of duty feeling (game modes) Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch, Team Tac, Headquaters, (ect...)
Im also hoping for a "Create a Class"
Weapon-MP40 ^Attachment^ * Silencer*
Side Arm-Nambu ^No Attachment^
Special Grenade-Smoke
Perk 1- (?)
Perk 2- (?)
Perk 3- (?)
*Reset To Default*
Primary Attributes
Accuracy (Percent)
Damage (Percent)
Range (Percent)
Fire Rate (Percent)
Mobility (Percent)

Is this a joke thread? If this is what you are hoping for with Wolfenstein then you deserve to die a horrible death. If they did that with this game I'd go burn down Activision.

If you want a CoD system go play CoD, I mean seriously? Cant we have any originality anymore? For me the Modern Warfare system has already gotten stale and I'll be glad to see Wolfenstein back with classic multiplayer system. If they were to do this they would be widely discredited for ripping off Infinity Ward, not to mention hated by their entire massive player-base. Maybe you should go download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory to see what to expect, its freely available on numerous download sites and its still one of the most played PC multiplayers to this day.

Wolfenstein is famous for its objective based multiplayer scenarios and I hope it stays that way. They have also declared that they will be NO ranked match system because like me they believe it is ruining some games today. So many people are worried about their precious stats on games these day that they have forgetten how to enjoy games.

Even though I'll be buying Modern Warfare 2 this year, it wont be for the multiplayer. So this game, if it lives up to the fans expectations, will be the only shooter this year stopping me from retreating to co-op on Borderlands every time I turn on my Xbox.

And for all the people who think FPS started at Call of Duty 4, shame on you go do some research.

KFZ Scrubs
08-01-2009, 11:14 AM
Here's some info on wolfenstein multiplayer.

A 2rue boofer
08-01-2009, 05:50 PM
I hope the multiplayer is the exact same thing as Enemy Territory Wolfenstein

08-01-2009, 06:57 PM
Good information there! here it is on the fourm

Here is Activision's official release containing just what exactly is in store for Wolfenstein's multiplayer:
Wolfenstein Multiplayer
Teams - There are two teams in the game, each capable of holding six players. So each match can be up to 6 vs. 6 - with hosts being able to reduce the maximum players when creating a server.
1. The Resistance - residents of the city of Isenstadt who have taken up arms against the Nazis in an attempt to stop their experimentation and violence against the citizens of Isenstadt
2. Axis - German soldiers who must protect their experiments so that their army can win the war.
Game Modes
1. Team Deathmatch - Battle to the death. Take up arms with either the Resistance or the Axis. Team with the highest score wins the round.
2. Objective - Help the Resistance complete objectives to thwart the Axis, or help the Axis defend their research and experiments.
3. Stopwatch - Take turns completing the objectives in this timed mode. The team with the fastest time wins the round.
Veil Powers
Each class in the game now has access to the Veil. While every class can enter the Veil, each of them also have their own specific Veil Power, and these are detailed below. Entering the Veil or using a Veil power will drain a player's Veil energy and he will have to wait for it to recharge, or find a Veil pool to recharge it faster.
1. MP40 - Standard issue submachine gun. The MP40 has a good rate of fire and average weapon power
2. Kar98 - Standard issue bolt action carbine rifle. The Kar98 is high powered, but has a low rate of fire
3. MP43 - Automatic rifle available only to the Soldier. The MP43 has a good fire-rate and does more damage than the MP40
4. Panzerschreck - The Panzerschreck is a reusable rocket launcher available to the Soldier only, and causes damage in a large radius.
5. Flammenwerfer - A heavy single tank flamethrower carried by the Soldier. Targets continue to burn for several seconds after impact.
1. Soldier - The Soldier's role is to fight and provide cover. He has access to the heaviest weapons, and is on the front line of the battle.
Weapons: MP40, Kar98, MP43, Panzerschreck, Flammenwerfer
Veil Power: Veil Strike - A thrown device that opens a rift of explosive Veil energy.
Class Support Pack: Satchel Charge - Thrown down and detonated manually, can explode when shot
2. Engineer - Only an Engineer can perform all Objectives. The Engineer can construct ladders and mounted MGs, throw ammo packs to fellow teammates and plant and defuse explosives.
Weapons: MP40, Kar98
Veil Power: Veil Speed - Harness Veil energy to increase your movement speed.
Class Support Pack: Ammunition
3. Medic - The Medic's role is to support the other classes by providing battlefield healing and resurrection
Weapons: MP40, Kar98
Veil Power: Healing Aura - Draws energy from the Veil to heal nearby teammates
Class Support Pack: Health
Persistent Unlocks
A new addition to the multiplayer experience in Wolfenstein is that players now have the ability to purchase unlocks and customize their class. There are general upgrades, weapon upgrades, veil power upgrades and a pack upgrade. Only one upgrade per category is allowed at any given time, and players will be able to change these on the fly as they play. The unlocks are listed below:
General Unlocks
1. Flak Jacket - You take less damage from guns, explosions and Veil Powers ($4000)
2. Faster Recharge - Your Veil energy recharges quicker ($2000)
3. Extra Grenade - You start with an extra grenade ($3000) Weapon Unlocks
1. Drum Magazine - Upgrades the standard magazine with a drum version that holds more rounds ($2000)
2. Big Bore - Refits the MP40 to fire heavier slugs and larger powder charges, increasing damage ($4000)
3. Suppressor - Adds a suppressor with muzzle brake and a gas venting system to silence the weapon and reduce recoil while firing ($2000) Kar98
1. Tactical Scope - Fits a medium range scope to the Kar98, providing a clearer view of mid-range targets ($2000)
2. Stripper Clip - Refits the weapon's breach to accept a stripper clip, greatly reducing reload time ($3000)
3. Big Bore - Refits the Kar98 to fire heavier slugs and larger powder charges, increasing damage ($3000)
1. Drum Magazine - Replaces the standard magazine with a drum version that holds more rounds ($2000)
2. Tactical Scope -Fits a medium range scope to the MP43, providing a clearer view of mid-range targets ($4000)
3. Muzzle Brake - Adds a muzzle brake and gas venting system to reduce recoil and muzzle climb while firing ($3000) Panzerschreck
1. Ammo Pouch - Provides a carrying pouch, allowing you to carry more rockets ($3000)
2. Rapid Reload - Refits the weapon's standard breach with a more open one, reducing reload time ($3000)
3. Lighter Body - Replaces the body of the Panzerschreck with a lighter one, allowing you to move faster ($3000)
1. Longer Range - Increases the maximum pressure of the fuel stream, extending the range of the weapon ($2000)
2. Larger Reservoir - Fits a larger reservoir to the weapon, allowing longer firing bursts ($3000)
3. Larger Fuel Tank - Replaces the single fuel tank with a larger twin tank, increasing maximum fuel capacity ($3000)
Veil Power Unlocks
Veil Strike
1. Bigger Strike - Your Veil strike causes more damage ($3000)
2. Efficient Strike - Your Veil Strike requires less Veil energy to use ($3000)
3. Self Immunity - You are immune to your own Veil Strike ($2000)
Veil Speed
1. Boost - Your Veil Speed movement rate is faster ($4000)
2. Quick Hands - Your Veil Speed is reduced in return for an increase in the speed you can complete objectives ($2000)
3. Efficient Speed - Your Veil Speed now uses less energy ($3000)
Healing Aura
1. Efficient Aura - Your Healing Aura ability now uses less energy ($3000)
2. Heal Self - Your Healing Aura also heals you at the same time ($4000)
3. Improved Healing - Your Healing Aura heals teammates faster ($3000)
Additional Pack Upgrades
1. Soldier - You start with an additional Satchel Charge ($2000)
2. Medic - You start with an additional Health Pack ($2000)
3. Engineer - You start with an additional Ammo Pack ($2000)
Maps - There are eight multiplayer maps in Wolfenstein, designed for playing all three game modes. (Players will be able customize the maximum amount of players, and the time limit when creating their server) For the following descriptions and objectives, these mainly apply to the Objective and Stopwatch modes as Team Deathmatch is as simple as killing members of the opposing team.
Bank - The Axis are using the bank vault to house a Veil Crystal device. The Resistance have to load the tank from the nearby ammo cache, blow open the bank and steal the crystal core.
Objective 1: Resistance need to load the tank, which then will blast a pathway into the bank.
Objective 2: Resistance steal the crystal core and bring it to the getaway vehicle.
Canals - The Golden Dawn suspect that a crucifix in a nearby cathedral may have immense supernatural powers that were lying dormant prior to recent Veil activity. The Axis have erected a Veil barrier in the cathedral entrance; the Resistance must find a way to breach the barrier and steal the Crucifix.
Objective 1: Resistance plant dynamite to destroy the generator powering the Veil barrier that is blocking entrance into the Church.
Objective 2: Resistance take the Crucifix to the escape truck.
Chemical - The Axis are performing top-secret chemical research at a nearby factory. The Resistance must break in and retrieve key formula documents to discover the nature of the research.
Objective 1: Resistance use dynamite to breach the Chemical Factory Gate.
Objective 2: Resistance take the formula from the Factory to the Radio Tower and transmit them.
Facility - The Axis are preparing a prototype Veil Tank for rail transport. The Resistance have a unique opportunity to ambush the rail yard and destroy the tank before the convoy sets out.
Objective 1: Resistance destroy the Gate to enter the Rail Yard.
Objective 2: Resistance plant dynamite to destroy the Veil Tank.
Hospital - The Axis are conducting experiments on "sniffers" in an evacuated hospital. The Resistance must break into the hospital and pull the plug on the experiments.
Objective 1: Plant dynamite to blow open one of two security doors to gain further access to the hospital.
Objective 2: Pull the plug ("override" type of action) to the tank/power supply holding the "sniffer" test subject.
Manor - An Axis army General has vital intel on Axis troop movements. The Resistance must infiltrate his manor and steal them.
Objective 1: Load the tank and fire it to blow open a route to the main manor yard.
Objective 2: Steal the top secret Axis intel and bring it to the getaway vehicle.
Rooftops - The Axis have information on Resistance safe houses. The Resistance must get the information and transmit a warning as soon as possible.
Objective 1: Resistance build a ramp to access the rooftop to the Axis forward base.
Objective 2: Steal the intel and transmit it.
Tesla - The Axis hydroelectric station is protected by a deadly grid of Veil turrets. The Resistance must disable the primary Veil gun coil and overload the hydroelectric generators.
Objective 1: Plant dynamite to destroy the main Veil Focuser Turret that is guarding entrance to the power station.
Objective 2/3: Shut down the power to the plant.