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08-06-2009, 07:55 AM
Okay, so you may be playing on hard and finding it very difficult to beat a certain aspect of the arena fighting in the prison. I too was having a hard time. I stumbled upon a very easy method, in fact, you might say it makes the whole thing a breeze.

First off, I was at no money. I had to borrow 10 from The Nurse character. He is located in section D if I remember right. If you are at 0 money go ahead and borrow from him, you do not have to pay him back. If not, that is okay too it just makes it easier if you have none. What it does to borrow from him, is create a checkpoint. If you cannot borrow money from him, run through the feed ward doors to create a checkpoint.

After obtaining money, run to a guy in the same section named Craps. He is a gambler who wants you to try your luck. Go for it! Pick the dice roll s 11. The odds are 16 to 1, which means your payout is 16x5 which is 80. What you want to do is gamble (your option if you want to try twice) and if you lose, reload last checkpoint. Run to him again, and keep trying. I got it within 4 reloads but maybe I was lucky. After you have this money, run into the feed ward.

In the very back of the feed ward is a man named monster. He sells a club for 50. This is how the magic begins, buy that sacred club.

Now every fight you have is a piece of cake. This time the cake is not a lie. You go in there and just bash everyone, block first to make it easy. They cannot block your attacks and die quickly. You can block everything! Now when you fight the guy with his own club, you can beat him easily too. I lost 1 or 2 health bars for the entire last 2 fights.

(Note: I figured this out on my last fight. You may have enough money to buy the club right away. Either way, you can always get money later if you run out. You will not need to do the gambling reload anymore than once, because throughout the rest of the game you will not be buying anything you cannot afford.)

Hope this helps, sorry it was a long post.

08-17-2009, 10:32 AM
Nice post mate i will give it a try when i get there

08-21-2009, 07:55 PM
Good idea there. I figured it out too but I just used that badass shiv you get from...Stinky? Creepy? Forgot his name but its the shiv that is made from bone and it is the most powerful shiv in the game. Only the last guy gave me any trouble at all.

Oh and the checkpoint idea is good and its also worth noting that there are ways to do this in almost every part of the game. If you are having trouble getting through an area you might be missing a checkpoint. Or you could always go aaaaall the way back to any load point and that counts as a checkpoint. Like when you go into Aquila territory it loads and gives a checkpoint. Or try your best to save a nano-med station for when you need the checkpoint.