View Full Version : Area for Electric Explosion Achievement

08-08-2009, 08:06 AM
The best place I've found to do this achievement is in chapter 2. When going through chapter 2 wait until you get to the 2nd area that has the buses on their side and enemies on top of them. When entering the area there should be about 9 guys who come out and try to attack you, DO NOT attack them, instead keep running until a 2nd group of guys (about 6-7) come out to attack. When this happens run back to the 1st group of guys that you had just past and have the 2nd group follow you. When there all bunched up you should have about 15-16 guys all around you. Hit the LT button and BAM! Electric Explosion achievement unlocked. It may take a few tries (I got it on my 3rd) so if you dont get the achievement just let them kill you since you reload a few feet away from that area and try again.

06-22-2010, 09:34 PM
Personally I found the area on the achievement guide to be the best even though I still had some problems with it. Main one for me was aggravating 14 people and herding them into a big enough group together. Best tip I could give would be at the area stated in the guide (when you use the grappling hock for the first time in level 2) get down the ladder and take out the 2 guys waiting at the door. If your fast enough when you flip the switch Rorschach should be taking care of some dudes, leave him to it and run for the other door. With Rorschach not around it should be easy to group every person in this area together for a good shocking :p