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08-12-2009, 03:36 PM
First of all go to My 2k6 and then look for cheats.
-Select Enter Cheat (or something similar)
Enter "Derek Jeter" (type everything as it appears except for the
-Now set the following cheats as active:
Super Wall Climbs
Super Bunts
-Go to play now and select any team that is <80 overall for away then pick the cooperstown allstars for home and select to play as the cooperstown allstars. Then pick Fenway park to play in.

-Just throw fastballs down the middle and the batters should strikeout, but if they are getting hits simply alternate between the different pitches.
3 Outs now you're hitting

-Move up on RS thumbstick at the right time to bunt the pitch (time it as if you're hitting it)
*Most of the time the bunt will be a home run, but occasionally it's a ground ball or fly out. If its a ground ball check out If you get a man on base:

If you get a man on base:
-When you're up at bat press B and the left on the d pad. Once the pitcher begins to pitch Hold RT and press A rapidly.
Do this a couple of times for the Thief achievement.

Before the end of the game you should have all but the Robbery achievement.

For the Robbery achievement you need to do the following:
Quit the current game. Go to Play now and select the Cooperstown Allstars for both teams then select the Home team so you pitch first. Pick PNC park to play at. Once pitching press LB and select DEEP for the outfield. Pitch a fastball down the middle. If it's a home run get ready. Move towards the wall with the blue spot and click the RS thumbstick and move it forward. If you got it first try good job, if not rinse and repeat.

08-12-2009, 03:39 PM
Thanks for the effort but there is already a stickied guide for what is, by now, a very old game.