View Full Version : My MW2 Suggestion on IW's Twitter Leaderboard!

08-15-2009, 03:08 AM
Awhile back, Infinity Ward asked it's followers on twitter what other killstreak options they would like to see. I posted "radar jammer that places random red dots on enemies map." Then seeing as the how many posts were flooding in, signed off and didn't think anything of it.

About a month or two months later I checked the leaderboards today and my suggestions was number 11 on the leaderboard (link below)! And this was behind non-killstreak suggestions too (like "Release MW2 Beta!" and "Thumbs up if you like MW2!"). So if you like this idea as well, be sure to give me a thumbs up on twitter and hopefully I can have it pushed towards the top. Hopefully, it will get put in MW2. If it did I'd be so psyched!!

FYI: My Twitter username is JohnBrodish

Leaderboard #MW2: The Infinity Ward Twitter Suggestions Box (http://twitter.infinityward.com/leaderboard/replies/)

Cav Clayton
08-15-2009, 10:08 AM
The reason it's so high is that it wasn't just YOUR idea.
I for one also mentioned something like that on these forums.

Also, I'm pretty sure MW2 has a radar jammer where static is seen instead.

08-15-2009, 10:19 AM
Doesn't deserve a thread

dark lord me
08-17-2009, 06:16 AM
Doesn't deserve a thread Agreed.
Also I think this would be a great idea for the game. Like the radar jammer in Halo 3. Cept that didnt quite work out well...