View Full Version : Getting 1000 People To Play NBA Live 07

01-27-2007, 06:10 AM
This weekend people are going to attempt to get 1000 people to play NBA Live 07 to get the achievement. (250 people if everyone loads up 3 silver accounts too). If this works, it's probably going to be the only time ever that people get this achievement.

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I'm curious if anything like this has ever been successfully done before. I've heard of times when people protested stuff in-game before where they got thousands of people, but this is just trying to get people to PLAY the game! I mean, I love achievements to an unhealthy degree (skipping work to get achievements in a game I hate... multiple times), but really, not everyone does.
Furthermore, are we treading on dangerous ground? I mean, if EA or other developers see that they're able to get tons of people to play their game months after it was released... would they try this horrible achievement again?