View Full Version : Stuck on Zepplin level. Behind a shield

Kai Tetley
08-23-2009, 12:01 PM
I'm stuck on the Zepplin level.
I'm stuck on a balcony behind a force shield. How do I get past? I can see people entering what looks like a stargate.

I've tried everything. Nothing works. I can see nothing I can interax=ct with or destroy.

This is really annoying me

08-23-2009, 01:20 PM
Use EMPOWER and throw grenade.... if shield flashes use MIRE

Kai Tetley
08-23-2009, 06:35 PM
I feel like such a doofus. I forgot about the upgrade I made to the Empower ability. Which allows me to shoot through shields. DOH!!!:mad:

08-23-2009, 07:35 PM
There is actually a red barrel past the shield that will take care of the shield for you. Just activate empower and shoot it.