View Full Version : Glitched Achievements Fix

08-28-2009, 11:58 PM
Not sure how many people this will work for but it worked for me.
So I had achievements glitch on me (the first hit one, and the sink a ship thats longer than 3 blocks with consecutive hits).

I went to the Xbox360 memory, deleted the full family game night (saves, game itself, plus the core game). Then I cleared my Xbox360 cache. I turned off the 360 then back on. I then downloaded the core game, entered it and downloaded battleship from within the game itself. Then I started a two player game (with second controller). Finally I setup a game, and bam, the first hit achievement unlocked. Then I exited out of original battleship and started up salvo to get the more then 3 block with consecutive hits achievements and it worked too.

Now you may need to do less of the steps listed above but that is what worked for me. Hope this helps at least one person out. :drunk