View Full Version : Hexic conquered!!!

08-30-2009, 01:34 AM
I had this damn game for a year and couldn't grand pearl poo-baah. That is until I used the master grid..

I got it last night! Yay! Then to prove it wasn't a fluke, i created another black pearl star cluster. Twice in one night! It's easy to achieve now.

What I did was set up a masters grid and used the far right side of the fourth row to make extra stars and and also to make black pearls.
I stored my black pearls in the bottom left corner so you don't really need to utilise that part of the board, and my extra silver stars at the bottom right corner.

Doing it this way,it's possible to get the grand pearl poo bah by level 5!

I'm sure other people have done it better, but this way worked perfectly and without consequence for me. FINALLY 200points!!!!