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Capn Beggs
09-08-2009, 06:16 PM
Looks there are going to be four playable characters in Borderlands...


Mordecai came to Pandora in search of a man from his past named Demosthenes. Upon learning that Demosthenes has died, Mordecai sets off to learn how he died and what he was carrying. Mordecai's play style is that of a lone ranger, preferring to snipe enemies from afar. Some of his special abilities can augment the party's damage from headshots or give accuracy boosts. Later in the game, he will befriend a bird-like creature named Bloodwing that will assist in combat


Roland is a former soldier of the Crimson Lance, a sort of highly trained private military that disregards law and order. A decade-old vendetta is rekindled when Roland learns that the leader of the Brigadiers has a suspiciously similar name to a man he has sworn to kill. Some of Roland's abilities are meant to supplement and support the party. His Leadership skill can boost the party's experience gains, while his Medical skill will increase health regeneration, and Support will increase weapon damage or regenerate ammunition for the party, Roland is a soldier class and the only class that doesn't have to worry about ammo as a special backpack produces an infinite supply


Once a human, Lilith at one point was turned into a siren. One of only six Sirens, they are a group of people with unbelievable powers, but no way to control them. She comes to Pandora in search of another Siren, in an effort to find out more about herself. Lilith is essentially the mage of the group, using her Siren powers to support the group and attack the enemy. Some of her powers include the ability to increase the group's rate of fire, as well as the power to create temporal bubbles, which she can manipulate to slow down enemies and hostile projectiles or speed up allies. Her most iconic ability however is called "Phaze Walk", where Lilith becomes invisible and can sneak around enemies, upon revealing herself, she detonates a shockwave that can do area effect damage to all enemies.


A massive specimen of a man who likes to use his fists to smash the enemy above all else. He wears a necklace adorned with the paw of his beloved deceased dog. He fills in the tank niche and can take quite a beating as well having the ability to chug berserker-state inducing pills for short bursts of power

Info taken from wikipedia.

Looking pretty interesting! The Berzerker might be good just to melee but the infinite ammo of Roland would never be a bad thing.

Probably end up picking the sniper and never sniping though lol

KFZ Scrubs
09-08-2009, 07:46 PM
Wow, that shit's pretty damn cool!
I wonder if the story will go really in depth into the character and their backstories (instead of just one or none)
Also, could you please enlarge the text?
It was pretty hard for me to read.

FYC Punker
09-08-2009, 08:48 PM
The character bios were released a long time ago..

Capn Beggs
09-08-2009, 10:26 PM
Apologies tried to change the text size once posted but couldnt change size!

Also apologies thought this was new info lol

09-08-2009, 10:46 PM
really old news, but i guess good to be posted again since were only a month and a half away.