View Full Version : Story shows x after completing?

09-11-2009, 01:33 AM
So I've run through the entire game and some of the levels still show an "X" under story.

Is that because I need to get TRUE JEDI in story mode? I know I've got the true jedi in free mode.

Im confused about this lol

any help is greatly appreciated

09-13-2009, 02:46 AM
Short answer: You have to True Jedi on both Story and on Free-Play

There are two 'True Jedi' tasks for each of the 18 levels. One for doing so during Story mode, the other for Free-Play mode. The latter is much easier to do, simply because you can switch characters at almost anytime, anyplace, as well as having no unskippable cutscenes. However, you will need to get BOTH for each level. Each will give you a gold block, along with just beating the level and for completing the minikit. There's also the Red Power Brick that allows you to purchase an extra/cheat per level, but they don't provide gold bricks. If you're going for 100%, you still need them.

Additionally, 'Super Story Mode' forces you through the story mode of each of the 6 chapters in an episode. However, there are no True Jedi meters, so you can only try to complete the SuperStory while getting above 100K and/or under an hour total gametime. I think you only need one to qualify for the gold brick, though I did both.

Best suggestion is to try and get True-Jedi done the first attempt through the stories. If you fail, don't worry; just go through the rest of the 18, trying to get what you can. Keep collecting studs, play Free-Play mode, and get the red bricks for the Score Multipliers. Once you get and buy the x2 multiplier, you shouldn't have to worry about true jedi; the goal stays the same while your score doubles, effectively halving the studs you need to get. You can go back through the story levels with less effort to get the true jedis that you missed.