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09-11-2009, 08:30 PM
This game is such trash... A real shame since I loved the rest of the series.

Anyway onto the topic:

I know that the rank bug is common and many have experienced it, but I am curious if anyone else has experienced what I have. I was level 12 or so when I got bugged back to level 4... I played a few games and didn't realize it until I tried to purchase a few more upgrades. I signed off xbox live and back in hoping it would get me back to level 12. It didn't...

However, suddenly I had a bunch of crap unlocked that I know that I never purchased. The strangest part is... I have MULTIPLE UNLOCKS enabled in both the General and Veil categories. This is not supposed to be possible, but I have it. For example: My soldier has Bigger Strike AND Efficient Strike enabled. My Engineer has Quick Hands AND Efficient Speed enabled. My Medic only has Improved healing. ALL my classes have both a Flak Jacket AND Faster Recharge.

Obviously this is a huge advantage for anyone lucky enough to be bugged like this.

Half of these upgrades I never even purchased. I have played for two days since this happened and nothing has reverted. I have also tested it in game to verify that it is not just a display bug. The multiple upgrades are working.

Heres a screen shot of my uber soldat~

Once I finish unlocking the achievements I will never play this game again. It makes me sad as a fan of the series, but it is just a pile of steaming poop.

09-11-2009, 08:34 PM

Has anyone else checked the stats website? Some guy has 2.9E26 gold, LOL!!!! Apparently he got bugged in a good way also!

My satchel charge is bugged in multiplayer. No many how many people I kill with it, my leaderboard in game (I know the stats website doesn't work at all) never increases in that category. I must have killed 200 people with the satchel and it still says 35 no matter what. That may be one achievement I never get...

09-12-2009, 02:53 AM
Because of this game I haven't touched my Xbox in about a week. I was that pissed off when I glitched, lol.

09-12-2009, 09:43 AM
At the moment I'm on about 70K gold, but have managed to spot the bug intime before it set me back to zero and rank 1. The quit to dashboard trick so far has worked for me, but it's very worrying to hear people on say rank 22 going back to 9 etc, like you rockoss. I though the bug just puts you back to 0 Gold and Rank 1.

I've noticed that if you try and stick to the same server match as much as possible it reduces the chance of you getting reset. Doesn't help when dickhead hosts decide to quit with only a few mins left when you're having a stormer. :mad:

Also before the match starts, double check the game lobby using the start button to make sure your rank is still intact. Another good indicator of this is when you select your team, class, weapon etc this screen for me at times has read 0Gold available. Return to dashboard immediately if this happens. You just have to keep on top of this bug constantly.

I know a lot of you are aware of this method and it isn't fullproof but that's how I've avoided it so far....

Next winge:

As the MP is so screwed I'm feeling boosting is really the only option now, a real shame. And this lame upstream speed requirement is a pisser too. I can only host 2 player matches despite being on an 8meg line. Loads of people want to boost the ranks but can't because they're all stuck with 2p games like me.

With a 2p match you can trade flamethrower kills on TDM-Hospital, killing each other from behind. Gives around 6-7K in Gold per 30min match, but the rate is not enough as the 3p kill/revive method that gives around 40K per 1.5hours of play!