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is it me, or are these mofo phials driving the living hell out of me???
After i dont know how long of research, I found a guide for both games!
One problem is that it was of a german or w/e website so some instructions that have been translated may not be clear! If any1 can correct the guide plz do so.

any who the guide is too long, so Il split it into to posts: instincts and predator

Hier de complete lijst waar je alle Doctor Krieger's lost research dispatched vind. Even een spoilertje:

Instincts Story


At the very start of the level, kill the guard on the beach and move directly towards the rocks and climb vines to the ledge. Along this ledge to the right is the first vial.

Once Crowe’s helo departs, take the left path past the tent at the landing site. Watch right side as you move along for a path up, ending eventually at vial on the stone bridge over the river inlet.

Head back to the left path from coming from the helo clearing. Continue to large waterfall, climb up on the ledge on the falls; the vial is located at left side in a small hole.

Continue to the building/compound where Jack steals his first humvee. In the motor pool up the short road opposite the excavator is a truck & crates. A vial is located among the crates on the ground behind the truck.

When the helicopter blasts down a tree after the burning bridge jump, move to the right down the drop for the last vial.


Climb the first tower found near the start of the level. A vial is placed on its top.

Go inside the armory Jack is supposed to demolish. A vial is located inside, on the top level of the storage racks.

Before crossing the rope bridge after Crowe’s attack, move to the left for the vial hidden at the bottom of the waterfall.

At the prison facility (where Crowe's helo is parked) take the stairs/ladder to the rooftop vial’s location.

At the far end of the plantation, before climbing the vines to rescue Val there is a vial below the last hut.


Before leaving the first fenced area after escaping the truck (using feral abilities), a vial is located behind the crate/truck.

At the first main gate compound (first firefight) there is a shaft located to the left of the entry road, behind a fence. Climb the crates and move down the shaft for the second vial.

Continuing down the river on the zodiac to the first gate/barrier you must open, move to the large waterfall opposite the gate. A vial is located on the right side in the rocks.

Climb to the roof of the covered bridge (with the mortar launcher) for vial four.

After the third ruins (at which you can feral punch the "dock", and where Val hovers in the chopper), continue up river via hovercraft and watch for the first mini-camp on the right for a crate & vial.

Rain Forest:

Straight across the first pool, past the wrecked truck. A vial is located on the shore approximately 100yds ahead.

After meeting Val by the fire, head towards the crashed WWII fighter next to the two bodies (use scent vision). The vial is behind the plane wreckage.

After disabling the generator, move past the mines/claymores and over barricade for the vial located straight ahead in dead end hallway.

Enter the fortress where the helo is circling & firing on you. Take the main corridor through the fort, jumping down through the gap in the wall at its end. Follow the path down to the left and look for the vial. Continue to arrive back at the tent/start point.

At the mine entry (at level end), a vial is located to the immediate right of the opening.

Mines (write-up by Fireflyflanatic):

After you exit the first big room you come to where you need to climb the ramps to the top and bust through the boards to the next section you are standing on a ledge overlooking a big room with some men talking and a couple of platforms in front of you. From where you are standing you can jump down on the right and there's a table on its side with a vial behind it. You can also get this if you jump down first - just run back up the side it's on.

The next one is at an area where you exit an elevator, activate a gate that only opens partially and you have to crawl under it. You'll climb up a rock ledge that leads to the doorway to the next area but if you turn around you'll see some large rocks and behind them is a beam you can walk across to the rails where a vial is.

The very next area you enter has another one. It's directly across from where you enter (but you can't get it from there) and it's up on the platform near the doorway you enter the next area. Find the cart that you can climb up onto the rails with, go to the very end of the bent broken rail, jump to the upright wood piece and then onto the rails on the other side. The vial is on the platform next to that and you can jump to it from there.

You'll come to an area where there are rails on the ground and a guy up on a platform shooting a stationary gun at you, go through that area, through the opening where the cave collapses behind you and in this next room is the next one. There's a big hill in the middle of the floor with a platform leading to a dead end tunnel above it. Climb the hill to the platform (there will be some of those red dinosaur like creatures there) cross to the opening and at the end of that little tunnel you'll find the vial.

You'll come to a part where you need to break some boards to enter a darkened tunnel where several men are patrolling with lights. Look for the cart standing upright on end - it's on the left - and behind that you'll find the vial.


Head down the slope to the right from mine exit. At the first large boulder cut back to the right, up towards the vines. Climb and hike a long distance until looking down on a rocket soldier. The vial is located on the crate next to the umbrella.

From the umbrella, make your way down to the river and continue along the gorge. On the left is a camp/tent containing a vial. This camp is identifiable by the zip line coming down from high on the opposing side of the gorge.

Backtrack from the microwave tower to the hang glider visible across the gorge. Take the hang glider towards the helicopter wreck across the way, aiming for the ledge below it. A vial is located on this small ledge, along with health and armor.

After jumping the bridges with your new feral jump ability, take the jet ski to the end of the river segment, arriving at the group of thatched huts in the swampy area. Continue approximately 100 yards to the large rock formation next to the first fortress. Underneath this formation, in the water, is a dock & crates with a vial.

Once you release Big Boy, check his cage for the last vial.

Sub Aquatic Facility:

After Crawford's surgery, leave the operating room and turn left. Inside the first door on the left is a cart holding a vial.

Cross the screamer’s outdoor pens and pass the two-tower machine gun post near the large waterfall. To the southeast is a sniper tower which may be entered, at the top of which is a vial.

After forcing Crowe's retreat, take the jet ski up the mined river to the first two-tower rocket compound on the left. Between the towers against the cliff is a crate & vial.

At the river's end, after defeating the helo, a vial is located on the roof of the middle (unmanned) tower near the water.

Enter Crowe's waterfront compound. To the right a garage-style door opens during the firefight. Above/opposite this door one of the upper, stacked containers is open, containing the last vial.

Dead Marshes:

At the first vehicle shed there is a vial located on the roof next to the blown storage tank.

Approach the destroyed bridge where Big Boy #2 is visible during his escape. Down in the swamp to the right, below the bridge, is a container & vial.

Prior to climbing the pallet to the power station, move to the left into the swamp. Near the lone guard shack/screamer, underwater, is a vial.

After defeating Big Boy move to the guard/sniper tower. A road heads north from the tower; at its dead-end is a vial.

Past the marshes/raft ride is a guard/sniper tower with an adjacent bridge & wrecked truck. Below the bridge is a culvert containing a vial.


Pass the roadblock & continue down road where two soldiers roll explosive drums at your vehicle. At the entry to the open marsh is a structure on the right with a tower on its roof. A vial is located on the roof of this building.

Across the marsh is a shack containing an atv. To the north from this shack is a path leading to a container & vial.

Move up the sewer outflow pipe into the treatment building, the upper level of which holds a vial.

After defeating the big boy near the greenhouse, enter the building past the container-strewn road. Take the first hallway on the left and follow to its end, climbing over crates. Vial is located behind one of the last crates.

Escort Doyle to the helo. Before entering helo go to building at far side of clearing. Vial is on crate inside of doorway.

Black Forest:

From start, swim to beach towards the right. Vial is located underneath the wrecked truck.

At the dual sewer pipes, the right pipe has a vial located behind the grate.

Approach the two machine gun bunkers, between which is the rock blockage you must destroy with c4. Facing the rocks, the left bunker has a vial located on its roof.

After killing Crowe’s evolved soldiers, take the stairs to the upper level of the hangar and proceed to the machine gun slot overlooking the exterior entry. A vial is located in this room.

Before jumping to the helo after the evolveds kill Krieger, look to the left of the doorway you entered for the last vial.\

I hope it helps, and please correct any mistakes

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Here is the predator phials:
and rememb plz correct mistakes. dont make me say it again!

Pirate Enclave 1:

No vials in this level apparently; seems to take the place of the “Training” level in Instincts.

Pirate Enclave 2:

Leave water gate, on west face of easternmost island is a rock formation & tunnel opening underwater. Vial, armor, and Molotov ammo are located inside.
Take a boat or jet ski to the northernmost island (adjacent to "rock spire" island). On the north side in the castaway camp there is a vial in the wrecked boat.
Move to the rock spire island (shaped like an inverted diamond). Swim to the bottom directly east from the island (deep). A vial is located in the hold of the sunken ship.

From the western face of the west island, head south from the mouth of the tunnel. Midway between the island and the start island, almost at its western end, dive to the bottom. Follow the deepening trenches to another shipwreck & vial.

Move to the northeast side of the center island (with the microwave tower). From the small islet there swim directly east, following the bottom as it deepens. Swim through the archway to the sunken WWII bomber. A vial is located underneath the wing.

Pirate Enclave 3:

After first truck, look for a crashed WWII plane on the left. A vial is hidden among the wreckage.
Take the first left down to the beach in the truck. There is a wrecked jeep/humvee which conceals a vial below it.

In the center of the sand flats is a huge stone, on top of which is a vial.
After defending Kade with feral attacks, before getting in the truck, head west past it. A vial is located at the end of the canyon.

Head back past Kade in the truck (careful not to enter the blue zone or the level will end) and continue towards the East for a similarly placed vial.

Shanty Town:

Pass through the first tunnel (or caged canyon) to reach the shanty town. Move south towards the water, then swim east towards a small beach with a cage containing a vial.
After the pirate onslaught continue through the tunnel. Turn right (north?) and move uphill past the barrel rollers. At the top of the slope move out on to the rock formation to the right and look northeast. Across the gap is a small stone statue and a tree, at the base of which is a vial.

Move through the first canyon past the waterfall on the right. After the save point, head across the second large, rock formation-strewn clearing towards the northwest. Between the narrow waterfall (left) and the huge one (right) is an opening in the rocks. A crashed WWII bomber is in the clearing behind this gap, behind which is a vial.
Continue to the huge waterfall and climb up on its ledges. To the left is a passage/crack leading to a vial.
Continue through the tiered plantation area, down to the bottom and over the intermediate ridge. Move up the next slope (north) keeping to the left side. Near the upper terraces is a gap in the rock wall. A stone sculpture hides the fifth vial.

Shanty Town Escape:

Move through the town, cross the water where the boats are docked, and enter the brick building behind the fences. Kade will be inside a secure/fenced room that also holds a vial (located on the counter facing the entry to the building). It can be taken without going through the wire mesh, so don’t go crazy trying to get into the ceiling.
After commandeering a truck continue up the road to the “drop off” on the right. Park and take this road down, heading directly north while crossing the swamp. In the trees/foliage at the far side is a mine shaft-style entrance. The vial is located in the hands of the mummified pirate among the hoard stored there.

Raised bridge: Once reaching this three-building compound move through the gap in the fence towards the water. Facing the sea, turn right and continue along the shore to the hut in the distance for a vial.
Move along the path from the drawbridge until reaching the first scaffold/gun placement on the left. Climb over the machine gun nest and continue down towards the gate which blocks the road. A crate is suspended from the crane at the next scaffold. Shoot it for a vial (will drop).
After the gun-truck fight, move through the hole blown in the main gate, then turn left and climb the sniper tower located against the its back face. A vial is located on the walking platform (no need to climb to the roof).

Refinery Assault:

Move down the canyon and climb the first set of vines. After Doyle’s announcement continue straight ahead. An arched rock formation over the stream hides a vial at its top.
Take an atv from the camp just past the narrow rock/river canyon. Follow the twisting road down to the first group of buildings. Just before reaching the huts there is a slope down to the right (north). The tail of a crashed b-17 is just visible. A vial is located inside the bomber.
While driving the truck towards the refinery watch for the first bridge overhead. Get out and climb the bridge, moving west to the end of the road. In one of the huts a vial is located on a table.
Enter the refinery and climb the stairs (before meeting Doyle in the foreman’s office). One of the rooms at the top is a lounge/rec room with a pinball machine with a vial located underneath.

After defeating the rebel leader, dive into the river. Adjacent to the ladder at the end-grate, on the bottom of the channel is the last vial.

Canopy Forest:

After defending Doyle, head down river towards the rebel encampment. Once reaching the compound move to the base of the sniper tower, then head directly south. An atv is attached to a cable which will open an underground bunker containing a vial.

Return to Doyle with a boat, then follow his blood trail up into the swamps. After the initial assault, the winding water/ path will move east. Before leaving the swamp heading directly east is a tent on the right (south) of the path which contains a vial.

Semeru's soldier platforms: After reaching the helicopter in the trees, continue west towards the first radio jammer. Directly east of the platform holding the first jammer to be destroyed is a lone tree stand holding a vial, armor, etc.

Continue north along the platforms by taking the zip line down from the first destroyed radio. Use a sequence of jumps & feral clmbs to reach the uppermost platform located in a straight line north from the zip line. Cross to the northern platform (from higher up) past the hanging helicopter wreck (another one). A vial is located on the platform beyond.

Moving west the platforms will arrive above a camp (ground level) where two pirates are visible/strung up. Remaining on the upper platforms, move to the farthest one to the west. The fifth vial is located here.

Rebel Fortress:

Move straight into the rocky area (west) after climbing/jumping up to the upper level. On the right, most of the way to the far wall at ground level, is a pallet with a vial.

Continue through the two galleries inside the fortress until reaching the outside courtyard (after the outdoor multi-jump to get there). In the southwest corner, upper level, is a vial.

After climbing/jumping up to the second rocky, bowl-shaped enclave facing the first fortress wall. This is identifiable by the tower on the bowl's eastern face. Below this tower (under) is a vial, accessible by a hole in the rear wall.

After your first confrontation with Semeru, follow the path & climbing walls upwards. Kill the guard in the first tower, and feral jump to reach the rocket soldier in the second. Continue, watching for rock slides. In the bottom of the third tower (south side, last before the fortress) is a vial. The wall may be feral punched to collapse the weakend portion.

Enter the fortress compound and move through the first two gates. Pass the first tower on the right (east) and enter the fortress on the left (west). Work through the rooms, moving upwards wherever possible. In the northeast corner of the tower is a room containing the last vial. For reference, on the exterior of this room is the balcony/machine gun placement visible from the road. It is also directly opposite the twin towers on the east side of the street.

there we go. Hope it helps,
happy gaming:D

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This is correct.

I was wondering if I may please use this guide for my achievement guide?

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And the second story is called Evolution, not predator.

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From personal experience.. your guide is perfect.

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by all means :D

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thank you for the guide it was a big help...man i hate collecting items in games expecally in a jungle terain such as this it gets so boring lol thanks

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Wow, that looks familiar.

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