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09-14-2009, 12:59 PM
Detailed Guide for all 45 monkeys. Each level that has them on have a total of 5.

Things to note, swapping difficulties doesn't reset them.
Dying doesn't reset them.
Once collected they can't be recollected.
If you miss one, just replay the level on challenge mode and get it. I missed the first one on the last level.

Chapter 1 5/5
1. As soon as you enter the courtyard with the fountain in, clear the enemies and then proceed. You can't miss it, it's on the floor next to the statue.

2. After swinging the two bars, slide under the pipes and drop down. You'll be next to a water tower, go right and slide under the pipes collecting the points and there it is tapping away.

3.After the refreshment cutscene, swing over to the other side, kill the guy who comes through the door. Jump up on to the raise roof and just on the otherside of the aircon is the 3rd monkey.

4. Once on the floor after climbing down and killing the enemies, walk to the back of the area, Its just past the NITORAM store. Easy to see.

5.This one is on the second floor of the apartment. Go upstairs and move through the corridor and on your right will be an open door with a drink, the next room contains the final monkey.

Chapter 2 0/0
This Chapter has no monkeys too collect.

Rubi's Boneyard 5/5
1. From the start, drop down and go left and behind the shell of the plane.

2. Slide under the gate, up the stairs and along the wing, then along the planes support, drop down at the far end and just bellow the tail wing is 2.

3. Now run left around the outside of the tall building, over cars and the 2 stalls. You'll come to a grid with a star behind it. Wallrun up it, climb the ladder, jump backwards, then run to the end of the arm of the crane and then jump onto the tall building. There is number 3.

4.This ones tricky. Go to the garage, wall run and jump onto the roof. Now run over the ramp and double swing jump onto the cranes load. Jump right onto a ledge about half way up on the big building. Then slide under and drop down and you'll land on the 4th.

5. To get this on you must first finish the time challenge. The door will open and go in and then left and at the back on the right is the final one.

Chapter 4 5/5
1. after sliding down the ladder near the start of the level, go left and its left of the stairs.

2. After the cut scene where the area gets set on fire, move right and look up. You'll see a green gate with a bit open, wall run up and grab 2.

3. During the area fight, in the shop next to the pink rabbit child toys.

4. End of the gutter after the cut scene of the fleeing rats. [Before you wallrun then jump backwards over the fence.]

5. After clearing out the room and closing the doors, you'll watch another tv advert. When you start playing, turn around and there is the final one.

Chapter 5 5/5
1. First clear out all the enemies, then once you see acker walk through the door turn round and head to the bridge. Go to either the left or right of the bridge and jump onto it, then climb along and jump onto the bridge to pick up the monkey.

2. After climbing up to fire escape, instead of going up the stairs. Go down two flights stairs and it's there.

3. As progress through the level you'll get the third; Jump across the gap and you'll end up in a kitchen. It's on the left, easy to spot.

4. Again, as you progress through the level, you'll have to jump across a red smoking pit onto a ladder. Climb the ladder and at the top on the right is the 4th. If the ladder falls, shimmy over the pipes, jump backwards and you'll land on the other roof. Turn around and then jump on to the other roof and pick up the 4th.

5. After you see the cut scene of ackers staring at you, make the jump the don't climb the ladder. Go into the bit on the left and pick up the final monkey for the level.

Chapter 6 0/0
No monkeys on this level

Chapter 7 5/5
1. Watch the cut scene which shows you the mine field, run swing, wall run and jump onto the L stone. Don't go foward, go right and jump onto the cliff, shimmy left and pull yourself up jump onto the next rock and head towards the zip line, there is number 1.

2. After dodging the barrels, climb to teh top, drop in, open to door. The 2nd is on the right. Wall run up the wood and grab it.

3. after dodging the two barrels and killing the enemies, wall run up the blue wall at the back, slide under the first ledge and you should be holding on to the ledge. Move round to the other ledge and pull yourself up. Turn round and you will see the 3rd.

4. After watching the Pickle advert, you'll start off by hanging, drop down one, go right as far as you can, jump up 3 times, go right and drop down onto the balcony. Pull yourself up and grab the 4th.

5. The final monkey is in the arena fight, this is the one after Rubi's shoots her through the glass and lands in the arena. On one side of the rectangular room is a circular painting, on the other side is raised scaffolding; this is where the final monkey is.

Chapter 8 5/5
1. Just after the mini gun part, you'll cross a bridge. Jump over the side, jump across to the other side then go left and around and drop down. Pick up the first.

2. After the bridge slow motion part, drop through the hole. Behind where you land are some crates. Behind there is the 2nd.

3. During the freezer arena. Go into the area that had the ice hanging down and at the back is the monkey. You can get this after you've cleared the room, just don't go through the garage doors.

4. After watching the Jun Li Cutscene where he calls Rubi a "fly on the wall". make your way down to the harbour floor. There is a huge ramp you walk down while fighting, behind the ramp is the 4th monkey.

5. After 4, carry on walking forward then left to the stack of smashable crates, don't go right, along the jetty (if you smash the crates and get a 250 point, you've gone to far, turn around and you should see the crates on your right). Behind the crates is the final monkey of the level.

Chapter 9 5/5
1. After you get inside and dodge all fire. You'll get to a bit where you jump of broken stars onto a wall, thne jump to the other side of the wall and pull yourself up. Don't go forward onto the other floor. Go right and drop down, the monkey will be sitting there next to the mattresses.

2. Once your are really inside, past the dragons head. Run up the pillar on your left and get the second monkey.

3. After climbing around above Madame Chang's you'll come to a closed door which you need to open. Don't open it, instead turn left and go left of the refreshment drink and grab the 3rd.

4. After you kill the band, go backstage and left and it's down the steps.

5. After you see Zhi with the "Comic Women", slide down the ladder and turn around and walk up the steps. It's there.

Chapter 10 5/5
1.2.3. These are super hard to get, turn around from when you start playing go to the table at the left of the room and pick them up. Told you it was hard.
4. Turn around from the table and go to the other side of the room, theres a little off bit and in there is the 4th.
5. Now go back to the table where 1,2,3 were. Wall run up the side of fence, shimmy along the steel bar at the back, kill the guys, don't open the door. Jump across to the platform and grab it. You should be able to see it from where the door is, if you turn about 150 degrees left from facing the door. Told you it was a hard level. ;)

Chapter 11 0/0
There are none on this level.

Chapter 12 5/5
1. Start of the level, jump right and swing across on to the ledge and grab number 1.

2. After you kill the first set of enemies on the level, run up the wall and swing a cross to the ledge. Go inside the building where the next 2 enemies are who knock over the table. After killing them the first one is behind the crates blocking the door.

3.After the machine gun part, walk right and drop down the elevator to grab the third.

4. After the cutscene of the guy who looks like Jason comes out of the entrance, go in and then down the stair to get the 4th.

5. Once you've completed the arena fight in the machine room, the stairs will drop down, go to the top and at the back is the final monkey of the game.

That's all folks.

09-14-2009, 02:19 PM
Having a few problems getting the 5th on Rubi's boneyard. I can hear it if you go to the closed gate past the SIN sign and the motorbike and side car. I think it's in the plane but the doors closed. So for the time being i think you can only get 4/5.

09-14-2009, 11:25 PM
Awesome stuff, thanks :)

Chapter 4 5/5

2. After the cut scene where the area gets set on fire, move left and look up. You'll see a green gate with a bit open, wall run up and grab 2.

This one says to the left but its on the right, thought I'd let you know.

09-15-2009, 09:44 AM
Awesome stuff, thanks :)

This one says to the left but its on the right, thought I'd let you know.

Silly me, i'll edited it now. :)

09-15-2009, 01:25 PM
u can just get other one in the boneyard so its ok if u miss one.

09-15-2009, 03:51 PM
If it helps you guys out there is a full video walkthrough of the location of all 45 monkey toys at this link (http://360junkies.com/2009/09/15/wet-review-hidden-monkey-toys-video/) hope you find it useful!

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Hoxas awesome guide its veary helpfull :) thnx

09-15-2009, 06:09 PM
The guide will be finished in about 30 minutes.

09-15-2009, 10:43 PM
Much appreciated!

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Really good job with the guide.

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This is amazing work, and so quickly after the game is released? I'm impressed :) Thumbs up, keep it up!

House of El
09-17-2009, 06:11 PM
thanks 4 the great guide