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Final Breed
09-16-2009, 01:37 AM
MUA2 Trivia Q&A

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ACT 1:

Q: What's Spidey's secret Identity?
A: Peter Parker

Q: What's the Criminal Identity of Obadiah Stone?
A: Iron Monger

Q: What's the secret Identity of the Gray Goblin?
A: Gabriel Stacy

Q: Where was Speedball working when he gained his powers?
A: Hammond Research Laboratory

Q: What is Songbird's real name?
A: Melissa Gold

Q: Where did Charles Xavier Locate his school for Gifted Youngsters?
A: Westchester, New York

Q: What is the name of the Newspaper founded by Daredevil confidant Ben Urich?
A: Front Line

Q: What is the Criminal Identity of Otto Octavius?
A: Doctor Octopus

Q: What is Daredevil's real name?
A: Matt Murdock

Q: What is Luke Cage's Real name?
A: Carl Lucas

Q: Which member of the X-Men can build anything they can imagine?
A: Forge

Q: The Fantastic Four call what city Home?
A: New York

Q: Before he was a Hero, Spiderman briefly called himself a...?
A: Wrestler

Q: When the character was first created, Wolverine was intended to be a what?
A: A Wolverine Mutated to Human Form

Q: What job does Peter Parker do for the Daily Bugle?
A: Photographer

Q: What letter does Captain America traditionally wear on his Forehead?
A: A

Q: What price did Invisible Woman agree to pay Doctor Doom for delivering her baby safely?
A: Doom could name the baby

Q: Which Team is Wolverine NOT a party of?
A: Warbound

Q: Captain America is a member of which Team?
A: Avengers

Q: Thing is a member of which Team?
A: Fantastic Four

Q: Who is known as the "Man without Fear"?
A: Daredevil

Q: What's Ms. Marvel's real name?
A: Carol Danvers

Q: What is Wolverine's real name?
A: James Howlett

Q: Which of these is the secret agent who aided the X-Men before dying in a plane explosion?
A: Michal Rossi

Q: Which Team is known as "Earth's Mightiest Heroes"?
A: Avengers

Q: Which Team is known to be "Uncanny"?
A: X-Men

Q: Wolverine received his adamantium skeleton as part of what program?
A: Weapon X

Q: What is Hulk's real name?
A: Bruce Banner

Q: Blade's mother was attacked by what creature?
A: Vampire

Q: What war did Captain America fight in?
A: World War II

Q: What are the Fantastic Four's uniforms made of?
A: Unstable Molecules

Q: Spiderman first appeared in what issue of Amazing Fantasy?
A: 15

Q: What is Gambit's real name?
A: Remy LeBeau

Q: What is Iceman's real name?
A: Bobby Drake

Q: What was Jean Grey's original X-Men Team name?
A: Marvel Girl

Q: Spiderman's costume does NOT have which of these colors?
A: Yellow

Q: What is Psylocke's real name?
A: Elizabeth Braddock

Q: What is Cyclops's real name?
A: Scott Summers

Q: How is Spiderman related to Spiderwoman?
A: Not related

Q: Reed Richards is also known as...?
A: Mister Fantastic

Q: Which of these women has NOT been Spiderwoman?
A: Jean Grey

Q: What is the name of the Human that share's Thor's body?
A: Donald Blake

Q: Luke Cage works as a bodyguard for Matt Murdock with whom?
A: Jessica Jones

Q: Where was Jean Grey's father employed?
A: Bard College

Q: What is Nick Fury's middle name?
A: Joseph

Q: Who was the man Psylocke was telepathically linked to when he was murdered?
A: Tom Lennox

Q: Daredevil is of what Descent?
A: Irish-American

Q: After travelling through time, what pirate identity did Thing adopt?
A: Blackbeard

Q: In the comics, which super-villain killed Gwen Stacy?
A: Green Goblin

ACT 2:

Q: What is Luke Cage's old super hero name?
A: Power Man

Q: In which comic did Wolverine first appear?
A: The Incredible Hulk #180

Q: What was Ms. Marvel's name in the house of M?
A: Captain Marvel

Q: Who shot and killed Steve Rogers?
A: Sharon Carter

Q: Who has NOT been one of Daredevil's love interests?
A: Betty Brant

Q: What was the name of Marvel Comics before it was Marvel Comics?
A: Timely Comics

Q: Peter Parker's uncle Ben was...?
A: Shot

Q: Complete this sentence: With great power there must also come great...?
A: Responsibility

Q: What is the name of the book Ben Urich wrote about the Green Goblin?
A: Legacy of Evil

Q: How old was Mister Fantastic when he first met his wife Sue?
A: 19

Q: What super hero has romantic feelings for Penance?
A: Squirrel Girl

Q: What is Daredevil's day job?
A: Lawyer

Q: Wolverine's skeleton is covered with what alloy?
A: Adamantium

Q: What material's were in the shield Franklin D. Roosevelt presented Captain America?
A: Steel and Vibranium

Q: Who raised Daredevil?
A: His Father

Q: Which Avenger was found frozen in a block of ice?
A: Captain America

Q: Who is the publisher of Daily Bugle?
A: J. Jonah Jameson

Q: In what year was Wolverine's first appearance published?
A: 1974

Q: Where does Thor live?
A: Asgard

Q: What is the name of Tony Stark's father?
A: Howard Stark

Q: What is the name of Ms. Marvel's cat?
A: Chewie

Q: Who was the super skrull created to destroy?
A: Fantastic Four

Q: What are Doctor Doom's robots known as?
A: Doombots

Q: What is the name of Thor's hammer?
A: Mjolnir

Q: What does Cyclops wear to control his powers?
A: Glasses

Q: Who is best known for saying "It's Clobber'n Time"?
A: The Thing

Q: What is the name of Tony Stark's personal assistant?
A: Pepper Potts

Q: Who originally bore the name "Human Torch"?
A: An android

Q: What color was Ben Grimm's hair?
A: Brown

Q: Thor is not immortal, but must eat golden apples picked by whom?
A: Idunn

Q: What is the name of Eddie Brock's ex-wife?
A: Anne Weying

Q: Which of these was NOT a founding member of the Avengers?
A: Spider-man

Q: What is Iron-man's real name?
A: Tony Stark

Q: Who was Bruce Banner's wife?
A: Betty

Q: Who is Storm's husband?
A: Black Panther

Q: Where was Gambit born?
A: New Orleans

Q: What is Deadpool's real name?
A: Wade Wilson

Q: What is the real name of the assistant of the doctor who experimented on Deadpool after he washed out of Weapon X?
A: Francis

Q: In the original comic story, in what country was Tony Stark held prisoner?
A: Vietnam

Q: Which super-villain once refused to pay Luke Cage for his work?
A: Doctor Doom

Q: In what town did Sue and Johnny Storm grow up?
A: Glennville

Q: Which of these women is Gabriel Stacy's sister-in-law?
A: Liz Osborn

Q: Which Goddess is Thor's mother?
A: Gaea

Q: Which of the following has NOT been a host to the Venom Symbiote?
A: Matt Murdock

Q: Which of these is NOT a relative of Cyclops?
A: Norman Summers

Q: Which of these is a known ally of Professor Mendel Stromm?
A: Steward Trainer

Q: In what city was Blade born?
A: London

Q: What is the highest level of education completed by Jessica Drew
A: High School drop-out

Q: Which of these was once an alias of Edwin Jarvis?
A: Crimson Crowl

Q: Which of these was NOT the name of Frank Castle's wife, son, or daughter?
A: Helen

Final Breed
09-16-2009, 01:37 AM
ACT 3 & ACT 4 will be out tomorrow to complete my Guide!

Bool Zero
09-16-2009, 06:17 AM
Umm, aren't these questions and answers from the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance? In fact I am almost sure of it lol!

09-16-2009, 07:21 AM
I don't want to sound like I'm bashing on you, but there's already a thread with all the answers to the trivia questions (link in the MUA2 Encyclopedia).

The Pants Party
09-16-2009, 11:41 AM
I don't want to sound like I'm bashing on you, but there's already a thread with all the answers to the trivia questions (link in the MUA2 Encyclopedia).

Yeah, we already have a complete list... :locked