View Full Version : Do Pip and Stat Upgrade Bonuses work as in MUA1?

09-16-2009, 06:02 PM
What I mean by that is:
1. Will Pip and Stat Upgrades reappear on subsequent playthroughs, so you can keep buffing your characters? Or do the collectible states carry over, so these are strictly one time offers?

2. Is there a way to replay a level and get them again?

3. If taking a character to max level, is there even a need for a pip upgrade? Will you not max out all 4 powers anyway?

And finally, does anyone have suggestions for an ultimate team to buff? Right now I am buffing Wolverine and Juggernaut heavily. Iron Man may get put in there as well, with possibly Thor, Cap, or Ms. Marvel as the 4th.

09-21-2009, 05:32 PM
I'm more confused now, (with no answer above) because it seems that if you play on Heroic or Super Heroic, you can play a 2nd time on Legendary. But, once you complete that Legendary playthrough, is that it? Can you continue going through Legendary over and over again to gain levels?

And, if possible, can you still get the stat upgrades each time you go through on Legendary?


09-21-2009, 06:51 PM
@ first post

1. as you said these are strictly one time offers once they are found they are replaced by the XP pickups that you may have noticed in bases for all new game+ gameplay(where you keep your stats and collectible progress).

2.Not in the sense that you mean, if you start a new game from the title screen its like starting from scratch and you could have the pleasure of finding all of the upgrades again, but i belive you mean can you get the same upgrade multiple times on the same character witch you can't.

3.at lvl 60 all of your powers will be maxed with or without pip upgrades. the pip upgrade only allow you earlier access to stronger power sets since you have more pips to spread out to more powers early to mid game. The main thing to get is enough points to fill in all six of the special abilities to max (you will open all six abilities when you chose the oppisite side upon your legendary NG+ play through) to this effect i would recommend always having on jackpot 2(5% chance orbs are multiplied by x20) gained by giving eight diplomatic answers in conversations and using gambit with an anti alignment for your first play through to get his Cajun Luck which when maxed gives 8% chance for 100% more orbs.

A team that i have found trustworthy is Wolverine, Gambit, Thor and Hulk,for a final team and early game i used Wolverine, Gambit, Storm and jugss\ jean grey\ice man for the 15% stam boost for the x men. juggs is good in the early game but is easily outshone by most if not all of the late game chars, For boosts i currently use Stunning Finnish 1 *+150% damage to stunned foes(G\goblin legendary), Stunning Finnish 2 *+200% damage to stunned foes(justice legendary), and Reserves 4 *+100% stamina(titanium man legendary). Using hulk :rtbut:+:xbut: to rush into groups :rtbut:+:abut: once or twice to pop them up then :rtbut:+:ybut: to stun them all the back to :rtbut:+:xbut: or :abut: to finish them off, very effective on large humanoid groups.