View Full Version : Easy Style Points worth 100 & 125

Glock x Coma
09-19-2009, 05:04 PM
Ok so a lot of u guys might know this move but im sure some might not and i just wanted 2 be helpful and show u guys

This is best done in the Arena! Make sure you get your multiplier up to (x5)

Once you do that Jump in the air and when ur getting ready to land press the B button. When ur in the slide shoot as many guys as you can. Each 1 will give you a 100 style points! sum times 125 & iF ur good at uR Acrobatics yOu Kan get up tOo 175! depends On uR Skills!
This helpd mee get my 50,000 Style points easy!!

(MAke sure your using the pistol) seems you get tha most points with that gun!

hope this helps someone!

(this also gives you more points even if ur multiplier is at 1,2 ect... itz better than getting 10 points)

Lord Forbes
09-20-2009, 04:42 PM
Thanks. I have not started playing yet so it is good to know before I start. Thanks again for the tip.

Midnight Malice
09-20-2009, 04:47 PM
You can get as much as +175 per kill, dropped 4 at the end of one of my slides and all 4 were headshots all 4 were 175 a piece. It is pretty random, but 175 has happened to me quite a few times. I don't remember the exact moves, but I believe it was a wallrun to 360 dive to 360 slide I know it was at least wallrun to dive to slide, 3 kills before the slide, then 175 for my last group

09-20-2009, 04:48 PM
So far I have yet to notice any extra points from pulling off moves like this. Normally i get about 25+ average for headshots with a low multiplier so obviously if your up to x5 it would times the score a lot.

That might just be me though and im going to give this a go just to see what happens. I have yet to earn more points for pulling off acrobatic styles within the fights but it does add up when you get your score card.

09-20-2009, 09:25 PM
Yeah, this method is the best possible. I've used this method in Story Mode only starting from the end of chpater 5 (when I realized this) and still got 79,845 style points altogether at the end of the game. Beating the Points Count Mode was also a breeze like this...

09-21-2009, 05:27 AM
This strategy works really well. I was able to complete all of "Points Count" with it. The only thing you have to watch out for is when it says "Repeat Chain Low Rider" because you'll drop right back to 50 points per kill. Just stop your combo and start it up again to get it back up to max points.