View Full Version : Can someone [who has no trouble posting on HeroHQ] please post this:

09-20-2009, 08:49 AM
Ok, I have a HeroHQ account and am a VIP, but for some reason I can't make threads or replies in the HeroHQ forum(when I click submit, it just doesn't go to the next page, it simply "refreshes" the current page, which is "new topic").

Anyway, could you please ask [in the corresponding forum of course], if there is a bug/glitch with the Combat Mastery Stats page, because some people(including myself) are reporting cases of the "Chain 5 explosions" and "Kill robots with their own grenades" not registering at all.

I myself have done over 50 of the grenade killing(correctly, I might add), and yet it has only gone up by 4 counts from 7/20 to 11/20. The last 8 I did didn't even add a single counter.

PS: Once you've posted, please put post the link here.. thanks:drunk