View Full Version : Game Saves! Best Method! Online!

X Dirge X
09-21-2009, 06:07 PM
The best method i have found after playing with 2 of my friends on this game online. Is for one person be the Host, other two join in and while playing make sure you allways save together never quit out without saving together. If one person does drop out everyone eles has to drop out, and then load the auto save when you join back up. All players save files must be in the same map and progress for this to work. Otherwise you will get the only collectibles will be saved BS.

I have everything in my own game file just like the host does in his save file. The only thing that is different in our files in the Heroic Deeds. it seems to be based on what we did personally with the characters (with a few exceptions *sometimes* i would have the high scoring fusions that the host has done.) For instance if i played with juggernuaght and got 300 kills. I would have the Heroid Deed done but the other 2 players would not.

So in Short play this way online i know it sucks but it is the only way to play with your friends online and every profile get data with just one playthru. Hope this helps some people i know alot of people were having trouble with the games saves. EA didnt get the save files right in the last game, and here we are again having the same problem.

*Edit* I also should say that you cannot make progress without your friends in the game with you.

Lets say if you need to leave one friend behind or 2 you could do this. Play with Joe on the orginal save file with Billy, Joe , and Steve on it. but as you progress with Joe save a new file and keep the orginal with Billy, and Steve. so when Billy and Steve come back from vacation you can still play with them.