View Full Version : United we stand is glitched?!

09-22-2009, 03:34 PM
Okay, when I go to the stats page, my high score on Targeted fusion is: 170
Guided Fusion: 20
Clearing Fusion: 50

But I still don't have the achievement!
What the hell?!

Midnight Malice
09-22-2009, 03:53 PM
K, I'm sure you know there are 2 lists in the fusion stats page, the first 3 are how many you have done, the second is the number of High Score Fusions you have. It sounds like you are looking at the right spot, so I'll assume you are. Try just doing a few more in the 1st simulator disc training session. It may be a bit glitched, but here you have 20-30 enemies by pressing all 3 of the consoles, just have a team that has all 3 and do it a few times, you have unlimited fusions here, so even doing 20 high scoring for each in one sitting should only take 20 minutes... even better, use different characters to work on Power of Two at the same time. Just make sure you target a shield enemy for a target fusion... If it doesn't work... it could be another of the numerous glitches in the game, and they are random as hell.

I played with someone just starting out, saved onto my game after a few levels and all the levels were locked in my simulator even though I had beaten the game... WTF??? That one is almost stupid. Punish me for helping someone that is just starting out on thier save? I was just trying to run through and finish my collectibles damnit. All the little bugs here and there make this game so anti co-op it isn't even funny.

09-22-2009, 06:29 PM
My stat page was all f***ed up too, but what I noticed was everytime I did the fusions in co-op the LT fusions we did never counted towards the achievement but the fusions I did with the AIs did. In fact from what I can tell, anything your other co-op members do will not count towards your achievements aside from helping you clear enemies faster which blows :/