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09-23-2009, 03:06 AM
Before I start: This game was good, and I definitely enjoyed it on its own, but when I looked back at the first game I realized how lacking this game was.

First of all, this game is super short compared to the first. Playing co-op with one other person I was done in 8 hours. Compared to the huge time I invested in the first this, with the added insult of a smaller roster, was pretty disappointing.

Then you have the location: This game takes place entirely on earth, with very little variety between areas. And most of it is dark. MUA 1 had you roaming the galaxy and really put the huge Marvel Universe into perspective and showed off all the amazing work the teams put into it. The story in this game was nice, but I'm not looking for a story from a comic book game. I would take better action over better story in this department every time.

In addition to this, they stripped down all of the awesome RPG elements. Now we get 3 slots for party wide boosts instead of the items that actually made characters indivual. There just isn't anything to make any characters pop; a lot of them share fusion animations. We don't get to decide what skills we use, but rather have 4 pre-determined for us whether we like them or not. Even this is lacking because (in my game at least) every time I leave the hero screen auto-spending turns itself back on. About the only thing the game did right in the RPG area was visible damage, which helps with strategy instead of having to just guess if your attacks are hurting.

Fusions themselves I am kind of mixed on. They look awesome and give you a better "superhero" feeling than the MUA 1 equivilent, but at the same time I really hate that you can't use it without a second person. There were plenty of times in the first game that a last ditch attack saved me, but here you are out of luck. Which also brings me to the attacks themselves: There is basically zero variety. Every character is the same. Where is Ms. Marvel's time-control? Spider Woman's phermones? (I realize she isn't playable here, just an example). A couple characters here have some cool stuff (Venom and Green Goblin come to mind) but overall the characters just seem interchangable. In the first I actually bothered to bring specific characters based on the environment and enemies because it made a difference. Here I can just roll with anyone, or bring Green Goblin and Deadpool for an easy win.

Finally, my biggest gripe is all of the glitches and oversights. Auto-spending turning itself back on, achievement counters not updating, freezing, the absolutely terrible save system, and, worst of all, the Co-Op system. I LOVED Co-Op in the first game, but it is terrible here. Stats don't track for the other players even when they are signed in, and Co-Op also interferes with achievements.

This game did a few things right, but I really hope they take a look at what made the first game so much fun and fix it the next time around. The RPG element is super important to this game, it is what really sets it apart and makes a super hero game legitimately interesting. But this game scrapped that and then stacked on a ton of glitches and problems that should have been caught in even the most rudimentary of playtests. What do you guys think of this? If you disagree, tell me why instead of flaming, I am really curious to see how everyone else sees it.

09-23-2009, 03:24 AM
Dude, I totally agree with you. As much as I love this game, there's just so much more richness in gameplay in the first one. I loved the ability to have three friends in the room, all laughing, each having a distinct character and build. This game, I really feel that they were going for a greater focus on teamwork. That's great and all, but like you say, the fusions are basically your fighting backbone, the buffs help the entire team instead of to each player. Our favorite part, Arcade mode, even got cut! WTF? It was the perfect play for the game: you play cooperatively with your pals, but there's still a degree of competition to see who can do the most and the flashiest damage.
Also VERY pissed about the new skill set. With only four powers, I didn't even bother to turn off auto-spend (even if it had worked....) on most characters, since I didn't really care where they went. Sure, the powers they chose were, for the most part, the best of each hero's powers, but STILL! If you call it an RPG, I want CHOICE!

Two notes on your thoughts, though:
1. It does take place outside of Earth. Prison 42 is in another dimension. Not a big deal, but still. :P
2. You know that you can turn on the damage counter on MUA1? I've almost always run with it, just to make sure each character's powers (grumble) were the best choice for max damage.

I'm kinda excited to see the official review for this, both here on the site and in GameInformer, who, for some reason, overlooked it this month, but not WET. Oh well...

:EDIT: Oh, I forgot. The replay confusion. So I got thru the story, Anti-Reg, in like 3 days. This weekend I started my Pro-Reg Legendary one, but... I still have Cap and the gang? WTF? I'm supposed to take down Captain America's forces... with a Pro-Reg version of himself? Hokay... I really would have liked a bit more of... continuity? I believe that's the word I'm going for.

09-23-2009, 05:43 AM
nicely put. i couldnt put it better myself. id have to agree 1000%
yeah you could turn the hit counter on the first game.

the main thing is they took out all the customizing... lame..........
single fusions. way to many badges and you cant scrap the useless ones.

deadpool was one of the best in the other game. he seems left behind in this version. still a better choice tho.. moonknight was so cheap in the last game. i used him after i found that out. LOL

deadpool,wolverine,goblin,juggernaut or thor are the best. the rest are uncomparable.

i like the fact you can swap charactors out in mid-play. graphics and fusions. i thought there was going to be a 4 player fusion??? plus i do like all the boss fights. more the marrier... but they did get repedeative..

09-23-2009, 06:20 AM
True, they dumbed down the game a little, less powers and chars and choices. They made it easier I think. The game is still great and fun and they improved graphics. I like how the achievements are layed out too. My guess is, the reason they stuck with less characters is so that they could come out with character packs and extra missions. Overall I look at both games as different games, and no a sequel. In that regard, they are both awesome.

10-04-2009, 10:31 AM
Overall I would think it was a fun game, if it weren't for all of the glitches and over-sites they made. This game should have been a great multiplayer game, but instead the multiplayer is glitchy and if your player 2, don't expect to get any achievements. Overall, it seems they rushed this game out before it was finished.