View Full Version : Easiest and Highest Recommend Points Count Level

09-23-2009, 02:33 PM
Right, so I do not not have many achievements remaining besides the Points Count trio, the Boneyard Challenges, and completing it on Hard and Ultra Hard. My main concern at the moment is the Points Count achievements. I attempted Chapter Four since I missed one of the monkeys on it and and came up with about 1000 points short of the 10,800 score requirement, this is the Rat level for those unsure of it. I'm not sure if this is considered one of the harder one's, but I do not intend to receive the completion of all Point Counts missions achievement since the difficulty and patience out exceeds what I feel like offering. That being said, in your opinion what three levels would you highly recommend for being the easiest.

P.S. I have the idea of how to play the game down, allowing the multiplier reaching X5, stringing Jump/Wall/Dive/Slide combos together and attempting to get head shots, but I seem unable to accomplish the fourth level with the required points, so my hopes of getting the completion of all Point Count levels cleared were dampened.

Midnight Malice
09-23-2009, 07:11 PM
Points count is easy man, I had 2-3,000 above the requirement on every chapter, except for the few without arena's. The trick is to max out enemies at the arena... grab the multipliers and then start shooting... keep moving toward each door while still killing. If you are just looking to get 3, do the 2 car sequences and the plane sequence, cause I'm pretty sure you have to get the required number of points to finish the level anyway, all three of those have me exactly at the required number of points. Shock therapy is also easy if you watch the video, there are 2 250point style bonuses in that first room, thats already half.