View Full Version : Immortal Heroics Question/Poss. Glitch

09-25-2009, 04:50 PM
So I've completed both campaigns (Anti on SH, Pro on Legendary), capped out my characters (ability points and levels both), and have been gradually replaying everything to clean out all the other GS before I do my co-op achs.

Immortal Heroics has NOT unlocked. But when I look in the stats screen, it displays "26 of 39" next to the levels completed without revival item, and I've replayed and completed without revival another 5-6 levels which I had not previously completed without revival since checking that line. The completed on replay levels DO show up on their individual stats pages with the box changing to completed, but the number on the main stats page has not changed.

Do levels only count towards Immortal Heroics when on the actual campaign? Or am I glitched?

EDIT: And yes, I did search this forum (and a couple others) before asking this question. The Achievement Guide seems to indicate that you can complete IH on replay, but it's not confirmed explicitly, and on one has asked anywhere else that I can see.

09-25-2009, 05:41 PM
Same problem but for me is Undefeated Heroes.

Finish 2 campaigns,use the simulator and nothing :mad:

09-25-2009, 07:16 PM
It must be on one playthrough, you can't can go back and do them in the simulator. It really sucks.