View Full Version : Easy FK Goal

09-27-2009, 01:18 PM
Ok, I got this in the first match w/ this method, in fact myself & my boosting partner got it in the same match, I won 2-1 so the win/or lose scenario doesn't matter.

Both pick teams w/ good free kick takers like England or Brazil.
Change your goal keeper to a short striker like Defoe (the lower the goal keeping abilities & height the better) or something.

Try to get the free kicks just outside the box, deliberatly fouling obviously.

Now, the guy who is controlling the team that's going to be scored against, hold LT & press D-pad down a few times to thin out the wall so as to give the FK taker a clear shot on goal.

The guy taking the FK, aim in the newly created gap & hold D-pad up & hold the shoot button until it's anywhere between 40%-55% & you should get it, now finish the match as normal & bam.