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02-09-2007, 01:23 AM
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Cheat Menu
Infinite Feral Attack gauge

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Cheat Menu
Feral Attack in early stages

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Cheat Menu
Restore Health
( this must be entered each time you are low on health )

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Cheat Menu
Unlock the Evolution Story

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Cheat Menu
Unlocks all Maps

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Cheat Menu
Infinite Ammo

Get a total of 50 Trap kills while playing the story mode in either of the two stories. To set a trap just walk up to a tree and press and and hold the RB button until the branch is fully set. Set the trap in a good spot, preferably near a lot of merchants and throw a rock nearby. Wait until you hear a snapping sound and that means you killed the merchant.
http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-02-JIGrdhg.jpgHead collector-
Get a total of 100 headshots in any of the two story modes. I found this easiest done in the first story after finding a sniper rifle. After finding a sniper, enter in the cheat "UnleashHell" and have fun firing away at the merchants. Alternatively you can use any weapon, such as the pistols, just find something that you are comfortable with.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-02-JIGrdhg.jpgShadow Hunter-
Get a total of 40 stealth kills in story mode. To get a stealth kill you must approach the merchant from behind and press the B button and if done correctly you will stab him in the back. I suggest not attempting to get this by feral punches in the back because this will not count as a stealth kill.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-02-JIGrdhg.jpgFeral Warrior-
Accumulate a total of 80 feral punch kills in story mode. I found this easiest done in the first mission. You do not yet have feral punching abilities so you have to enter in the "FeralAttack" cheat and this ability willbecome unlocked. Just go throughout the level slahing anyone in your sight.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-01-JIGrdf.jpgChaos Winner-
Finish a ranked Choas game in first place.

-Easiest done by creating your on ranked game session and starting it with the lowest time set.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-01-JIGrdf.jpgTeam chaos Winner-
Finish an online team chaos ranked game in first place

-Quickest way is to start your own ranked game and wait for the time to diminish.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-01-JIGrdf.jpgSteal the Sample Winner-
Finish an online Steal the Sample game in first place.

-Fastest done if you start your own ranked game and set the time and nedded captures to the lowest amount possible. After that begin the game and capture the needed amount of files needed.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-01-JIGrdf.jpgPredator Winner-
Complete a ranked Predator Game in first place

-Start your own lobby and begin the game and wait for the time to run out
-If you have a friend that is willing to help you out then have them switch to the Merc team and just kill him as quickly as you can.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-03-UHGFg.jpgSeek n' Secure Winner-
Complete a ranked Seek and secure game in first place

-Quickest way is to set the number of captures as low as possible and then start your own game and capture them.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-03-UHGFg.jpgMulti Champion-
Get ranked first 300 times alltogether in any game type

- Start your own lobby with an auto launch timer on either Team Chaos or chaos and just leave your xbox on. Make the game is as short as can be and make sure that your controller will not turn off while you are not there and just leave it.

tip- Check back now and then so you can switch the gametypes from chaos to team chaos so as to get three achievements at once.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-01-JIGrdf.jpgMultiplayer Master-

Come in first place in every single gametype and this achievemetn will be yours. Follow the steps given and this will be achieved in no time.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-03-UHGFg.jpgChaos Champion-
-Get ranked first 50 times in the ranked chaos gametype
-Easily done by creating your own game with an auto launch timer and just leaving it on.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-03-UHGFg.jpgTeam Chaos Champion-
-Get ranked first 50 times in the ranked team chaos gametype
-Easily done by creating your own game with an auto launch timer and just leaving it on.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-03-UHGFg.jpgSteal the Sample Champion-
-Get ranked first 50 times in the ranked Steal the sample Gametype.
-Must capture the sample or it will be a draw so just create a small map in Map creator with the bases near each other and set the capture limit to the lowest amount possible.
- A smart map for this would be with the red and blue bases in line and the blue players spawn behind the red sample and the red players spawn behind the blue sample ( make sure that the players are in a straight line) and just leave the game on with an auto-launch timer and with your controller so that it is holding up on the analog stick.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-03-UHGFg.jpgPredator Champion-
-Be ranked first 50 times in the ranked Predator gametype.
-The quickest way for this one is to make a small map in map creation and have a friend join your game and go on the merc side. Start the game with you on whichever side you prefer and win.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-03-UHGFg.jpgSeek n' Secure Champion-
-Be ranked first in 50 ranked Seek n' secure games.
-Create a small map with the stations extremly close together and start the game alone with the lowest amount stations needed(3) and just capture them.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-02-JIGrdhg.jpgMultiplayer Uber Geek-
Play for a total of 80 hours online
-The online time is only counted if you are in a game.
-Create your own game with an auto-launch timer and leave your controller on for a total of 80 hours (play and charge kit technique may be needed if you have wireless controllers).

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-02-JIGrdhg.jpgMulti Head collector-
Have a total of 300 headshots in any gametype, ranked or unranked.
-Do this with a group of friends and make a small map and have it so the desert eagle gun is on it and have them let you get headshots on them.
-You are notified with each passing headshot.
-Does not have to be in the same game.

Get a total of 1000 kills online
- Between the headshot achievement and the explosives one, you will recieve this achievement while getting the other multiplayer ones.
- Alternatively you can create a small map with the predator power-up everywhere and go crazy killing your friends/anyone that joins.

Get 10 kills in a row in any gametype online.
-Have some friends join and have them run into traps a couple of times.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-02-JIGrdhg.jpgExplosives Maniac-
Accumulate a total of 200 grenade kills in mulitplayer
-Make a small map with the gun that shoots grenades out of it and go crazy with it on your friends/enemies.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/home/images/Retail/59/farc-02-JIGrdhg.jpgRoad Demon-
Tally up a total of 100 kills by running people over with your choice of a car.
-Create a small map that is a straight line and have walls encompassing everything so people cannot run away and have one car on this map. Have some friends join and just keep going back and forth until you unlock this achievement.

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wrong account accidentally auto signed into friends---refer to xxnolauxx guide on top of this.

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I am still wroking on this and by tomorow I will be done.

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wahoo. i need to use this lol. just got the game today. didnt know i was gonna get it a friend got it for me so im gonna try to beat it asap.

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these look quite easy but im gunna need some help
on some [dont worri alredi put in a acheivment trade request]