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Achiever TM
10-08-2009, 09:20 PM
I opened this thread to help people with trouble getting some of the Hardest achievements in the game so if you want to add anything to help others just post and share your info

How to beat Mission 8 with less than 1000 damage?
I searched on the web for tips to get this achievement but all that i found was very vague, but my friend Helder Gramoso discovered this great strategy
Helder Gramoso have all the credits

this method should be atempted once you have Ninja Blade (Lv 5) so it can be done right after mission 8 is complete, just replay it.
on the first stage of the boss if you have last Ninjutsu use it because you gonna hit the boss while performing attacks and
keep yourself safe against his attacks
the most efficient attacks against him is Jump :ybut: with Stonerender, so use your Ninjutsu and start attacking him,
when your Chi bar is almost empty run and keep yourself behind the big pillar and let your bar charge, then repeat till he runs out.
if anytime you suffer to much damage just reload last checkpoint.
once you enter in the elevator keep using the same method till he runs out.
once again if you get hited just reload last checkpoint.
now just keep the distance till a sequence starts and let's start the real challenge.
the easiest way to beat the boss now is with Ninja Blade attack :ltbut:+:xbut: but first you need to break his defense, how?
simply jump in his direction and press :ybut:
you can use last Ninjutsu and perform the attacks and
when your bar is almost empty hide yoursef in a corner this way he can't hit you and you can recharge your Chi, keep doing it till you reach last stage
here the method is the same as before, Ninja blade jump :ybut: in his direction then :ltbut:+:xbut:
once again if you get hited just reload last checkpoint.
if you use Adrenaline Boosts you can take him around 30% of his health with :ltbut:+:xbut: combo
once the shadows spawn just throw your Cyclone Shuriken till they are all death and repeat the previous method till you finish him.

Adrenaline Boosts are not needed but if you have a few they are a great help

How to get an easy A+ overall?
I used this method posted by Siegfried on Achievement Guide and worked fine for me

Load the first level of the game and play until you get to the Pox Giant, the very first boss you fight in this game. Now, what you wanna do is that:

Empty his life bar like you would normally, but instead of pressing A to do the finish move, stand right in front of his face, between his arms, equip the dual swords and start pressing :xbut::xbut::xbut::xbut::xbut: nonstop. Keep doing that, he will rise and you will kill him again before he can do anything. When he's about to fall down, equip Ninja Vision and change the combo to :ybut::ybut::ybut::ybut::ybut:. That way you will be doing a slower combo that won't be interrupted by the animation of him falling to the ground. When he falls, cancel Ninja Vision and go back to the old :xbut::xbut::xbut::xbut::xbut: combo.

Repeat that until you have a 999 hits combo. That alone is enough to rise your overall mission total from 30k to 50k, enough to get the A+ achievement

That alone will practically guarantee the achievement for anyone. I just finished the game once on normal, first playthrough, sucked big time on most of the levels and got the achievement without the need to replay a single mission (of course now I already had to replay them to get the achievements for hard, using only one sword and not using retry, but it's way easier than fighting for the A+ in all stats).

How to get an easy 10 perfect?
i found it very easy on mission 1 like cra posted in the Achievement Guide right at the beggining of the game
Mission 8 also right at the beggining of the mission you have 11 QTEs
Mission 9 against last stage of the Giant Boss after he is uncounscious a QTE start, you can repeat it a few times, just don't Todome him. The sequence is :abut::dleft::abut::xbut:

09-05-2010, 02:43 AM
I am having trouble in finishing stage 8 with less than 1000 dmg... I will try this method as soon as I can!

Edit:Well, i made something between your strategie and a hit and run... I t worked after 1h30! Well, besides that, i am happy of finally achieving the 1000/1000 in this game. Thx for the help!

11-22-2010, 07:35 PM
For the easy 10QTEs just fight the pox giant on the first level and let him grab you. now you just have to quickly mash one of the four buttons which I found is the easiest type of QTE. just let him grab you 10 times and you're done. You might need to use an aid spray but you don't have to save (that way you could store your spray for a harder mission)

Bango Stank
12-12-2010, 01:23 AM
Thanks for the great tips....helped a lot

12-19-2010, 02:42 AM
just did the 8th mission without taking more than 1000 dmg.
(447 actually)
what I did is (lvl5 stonerender + 1-2 adrenaline shots):
As soon as the level starts switch to stonerender, dodge his first wave/shot and than just mash. He should be fleeing before he even attacks. If u take damage reloadcheckpoint.
Now before u enter the elevator take an adrenaline boost.
Now inside directl mash on him with the stonerender again.
If he manages to hit u just reload.
(I found it rather easy to mash him down before he even do anything in the first 2 areas, might take a few reloads but overall I think its easier than do the dodge-shield juitsu method)
When u get out of the elevator and get control again instantly use wind juitsu, this will trigger the QTEs. After that, hit him with the Ninja Blade once to destroy his shield, than switch to stonerender and mash until he flees again.
On the top level of the tower take another adrinaline shot and repeat the method from before. Dodge his first waveshot, than hit him with Ninja Blade once, switch to stonerender and finish him.
If however you haven't killed him before he calls backup in just spam wind juitsu until all of the shadows are dead.
If he calls bats quickly use wind juitsu once since they can interrupt your mashing flow.
So the key is basicly just being quick and doing as much as possible with the stonerender, while having adrinaline boost on you all the time.

04-17-2011, 11:37 PM
The 999 hits trick worked perfectly. Thank you!

02-26-2012, 06:32 AM
I still need to get this game. Always wanted it.