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10-09-2009, 04:48 PM
Right, so I went for the Exterminator achievement AGES ago, whilst going for some others at the same time. I didn't get Exterminator but i've got every other achievement leaving me at 965G and i've decided to go through all my games and try get the achievements im missing before Left4Dead2 and Modern Warfare 2 come out...

So, i've read and printed some guides off to help me on Exterminator.

Can someone tell me where these random spawning enemies come into place? One for example is in the Garages or something? You go through it killing them all, then before finishing the Chapter, go back and there is 1 guy just standing there?

Something like that...

Please just point these annoying enemies out for me so I don't cock this achievement up, AGAIN!

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I've already printed this off, i was just making sure just incase you missed any :)

10-11-2009, 06:59 PM
Whilst you replyed, one question on your guide...


[ ] Once you encounter Norton Mapes destroy the turret which he will activate
[ ] As you continue to chase Norton Mapes you come across 6 other turrets
[ ] Continue past the checkpoint and you will meet 4 Replica (2 will jump through the window in the ceiling)
[ ] Go past another checkpoint and kill the 4 Replica
[ ] Now call the elevator and destroy the Mech that comes down with it
[ ] After you passed the room filled with the toxic gas you come to the first turret section. There should be a total of 9 Replica in the office with the turret
[ ] In the next room a body falls down and 5 Replica can be found on the upper level

Total kills: 30

That bold section, I killed 10 enemies here. You stat 9... I just thought I'd point it out

Is it 9 enemies, then the 10th comes in through the wooden door (which leads you to the last section with 5 Reps on the upper level)?

10-12-2009, 08:12 AM
Haha now this is funny. I've replayed that section and when you completely ignore the turret and melee everyone there are exactly 9 enemies and the wooden door remains closed.
However, when operating the turret I was able to kill 10 enemies with it and on top of that the wooden door was open and another 5 Replica awaited me (not the ones from the room after!).

Congrats Sir, you just found another glitchy part! I will add it to the guide...

On a side note: When I got Exterminator (again) I never laid a finger on that turret and it still worked out. Strange game...