View Full Version : Deal Of The Week (10/12): Family Game Night 50% off

10-13-2009, 12:25 AM
As it says on the title, and on your screen if you check the Spotlight, it appears this Deal Of The Week is on Family Game night. The games are down to 400 points, which is $5 for we Americans. So instead of paying $70 for 1400 gamerscore, it drops down to a more managable $35.

For those of you that have already shelled out... my condolences. For those of you that won't shell out even at half off... well, can't blame you. I'm still debating whether to plunk down the money, myself. To the rest, happy achieving.

10-13-2009, 01:59 AM
I heard they're releasing these games on a disc for the 360 like they did for ps2 and wii. I'd prefer to go that route and pick up scrabble here for the 400msp. (that game wasn't on the other versions so I assume it'll be absent from this one too)

10-13-2009, 04:34 PM
I've been hearing people talk about the Family Game Night disc on the forums for the last couple days like SuperWoody here. I looked on Amazon for it and I did not see anything for the disc, the only thing that pops up are the online game codes for the different games, each running at $10.00 a piece. Does anyone know when this game disc might be released? and do you guys think that it will share the same achievements as the arcade versions or do you think it will be a new set of achievments?

Seeing that I can't find any solid evidence of this game coming on disc, I think I'm gonna fold and get the games this week on the 1/2 off sale. Just like Bahaumaut said, it's still a very good deal for gamerscore whores like myself, $35 for 1400 gs. Not bad.

10-13-2009, 08:22 PM
yesterday I was on a site, where you could pre-order the disc. Rumour has it, the disc will be released on 3rd of November - and that it's kept a secret, so the arcade bundle will sell this week. If I find the link again, I will post it.

I am much more concerned, if the disc will be available in Europe (so far only the Arcade Unplugged vol.1 and Arcade Compilation discs are available - and recently Namco Museum :( ).

Btw.: Is Scrabble still only available in North America? In the describtion it only says "Console must be set to English". Mine is set to english, but my Account is German and I live in Denmark. Would I be able to play it???

10-22-2009, 07:21 PM
i should have bought more when i had the chance for the DotW. 5 bucks a game is a fair deal, but 10 is too much for games i'll only pop out if mom is bored. everyone probally has most in their closet.