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10-15-2009, 07:10 PM
After a request from some friends, here is the beginning of my fighting style guide for the different Roses. Using my guide, makes winning matches much easier and faster.

Forehand knowledge (that most people don't know):
When you perform a hit, you will see a percentage point in the upper right corner. It shows, how effective the hit was. Average is 100. The more often you hit an enemy at a specific part of the body (head, leg, arm or body), the weaker he will get in that specific part.
When you grapple-tap an opponent, you will see a bar in the right lower corner. The more red the bar is, when the tap starts, the better are your chances for a tap out. Now, the more often you hit an opponent at a specific body part, the more red the bar will start in the next grapple-tap. That means: when you only make attacks in the opponents leg and finish with a leg grapple-tap, the chances are very high, you will tap him (sorry: her!) out!

Always only do one kind of damage to your opponont, to not waste time. When your opponont is lying on the ground and you have grabbed her, you can change grapple-position with (A). Same goes for jumping behind the enemy, when grabbed her while staying.

Therefore it is important, to know, what the specials are for the different Roses (as far, as you didn't costumize them) - superstar costume doesn't change that much.

Fighting-style list

Evil Rose: Humiliation
Reiko Hinomoto/Rowdy Reiko: Head
Aigle/Great Khan: Leg or Body
Anesthesia/Dr.Anesthesia: Arm or Body
Sgt. Clemets: Head or Humiliation. Killer move: Head tap-out.
Sista A: Arm. Killer move: 5-Hit-Head. Do not bother with killer move. Has many Head moves, but no head-finisher. Go for Arm!
The BBD: Body or Leg-and-Humiliation. Killer move: One-Hit-Head.
Candy Cane: Humiliation
Aigle: Leg

I have to go now. I will continue the guide in a few hours. Hope it helps! I am glad for assistance.