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10-15-2009, 11:11 PM
Hey guys, i already bought this game but i havenīt play it now.

Well after Tales of Vesperia i wanted to get all achievements on this game too. So, sorry if this was asked before, are the achievements easy to get in one playthrough?

Im playing rpgs always without guide on my first play, so i plan to do the achievements on my second playthrough. Is it possible to carry over the data from your finished file?

Whats the playtime in this game? Is it as long as tales?

Then iīd like to know what the DLC is?

Thanks ;)

Wampus Cra
10-16-2009, 01:58 AM
Read the achievement guide road map thread, it answers alot of your questions. All achievements can be gotten within the 1st play thru, as long as u dont miss quests or weapons. DLC gives everyone a bad ass weapon, plus it unlocks like 3 lil scenes u can view (each scene gives u 20 points). I think the achievement guide thread said 40-60 hours or something like that, and like i said unless u miss quests or collecting EVERY weapon in the game you cant really miss any achievements.

Oh and its definately not as long as tales just b/c tales has that 100 hour achievement lol. I wished i could get back into that game but i got like 810 achievement points in it and like 110 hours into it then lost interest, congrads on the 1000 in it tho that's for sure.