View Full Version : Final Battle help? BRUTAL difficulty **may contain spoilers**

10-19-2009, 12:36 AM
I am on the final battle/stage where u fight the final boss. I knock on of the heads down and have tried multiple times. Everytime I am over run because I don't have enough fans to make more guys -_-.... Any help.
The entire game has been cake for me. Until thiss 0.o
I tried knocking down both heads at once and then using the car to run into the eye. But I Knock one eye out and then the other goes back up. And then I get my butt handed to me. They take all my booths down. And theres nothing I can do. :(

10-19-2009, 12:53 AM
Fire Barons, a Rock Crusher, and a burning zeppelin are for champions.

10-19-2009, 01:06 AM
there are other threads already up dealing with this battle, and honestly the stage battles arent so different from each other that you can't get the advice you need from one of the other stage battle general threads.

I've posted several detailed strats in other forums that will win whatever brutal ai battle you are having trouble with easily if implemented correctly.

In fact, most of the strats people have developed now are overkill for the AI (I beat brutal AI without a strat at all on release day, so these should make it a walk in the park)

10-19-2009, 01:27 AM
Fire barons and the crusher did the job :)<3
thank u

10-19-2009, 05:54 PM
knock down one head, then send all your guys to the other. drive through the first, then drop and drive the 2nd. drop a led zeppelin on the battlefield if you can and also don't forget your light of dawn solo

Dead Herb
10-19-2009, 06:45 PM
I found the rallypoint and facemelter extremely useful in all the stage battles,setting it at the objective point (in this case the left and right towers) means no worrying about moving troops only spawning them and for some reason the enemy will almost always defend rather than cause you hassle trying to take your fan bases if you do have abit of trouble just facemelt em.

10-19-2009, 07:22 PM
I was in the same possition until I worked out a good little stratergy:

1. Place a waypoint with LB just infront of the first Fan spawn gyser thing and send all of your units to there.
2. Get just one group of headbashers to take on the nearest Fan Worm (left hand side if your looking at the evil moster!)
(**As long as you make sure your units dont attack the 3rd worm because otherwise the enemy will end up capturing it so best leave the worm to feed**)
3. I then spawned my car (The Deuce) and attacked any enemies that were spawned by the massive needles that were shot from the enemy base.
4. Let your fan count go to somewhere just above 3000 and then upgrade your base twice (the third upgrade is pretty pointless) then create a few fire barons, head bangers, razor girls and the odd metal beast/guys with massive fists.
5. Once your army is born, send them to attack one of the towers and once they are there, place a waypoint (LB) on the other tower so to save vital time once the first tower is down as the enemy army gains in strength once 1 has fallen.
6. Once the first tower is down, drive you car into the eye from the ramp and as soon as the mini-cutscene is over, get out of your car and fly towards your units whilst pressing right on the D-pad. That will send them to attack the second tower.
7. Once again, drive your car into the eye then as soon as this next cutscene has ended, drive straight towards the main body of the fortress, over the bridge and enjoy the boss fight!

1. Get units to defend stage.
2. Wait until around 3000 fan resources.
3. Build up an army of: fire barons, head bangers, razor girls for general units and the odd metal beast/guys with massive fists for the specialised ground and vehical units.
4. Get your army to attack one of the towers then finish it off with your car.
5. Send them to the next tower and once again, finish it off.
6. Ignore the rest of the battle and drive straight into the eye of the main part!

I hope this helps and please ask if this is unclear - I was in a rush to get it down sorry!

Enjoy the game, I know I did!

10-19-2009, 07:56 PM
My method was kinda similar as I didn't rush the fight (that's what i did the first time and I got my butt handed to me), I actually think what i did (if it did in fact work) is easier in some cases...but what i did was, started upgrading right away, helped fend off the first few waves and let the bad guys take down the fan worms, once they took those down I killed them and took over the tower. Then I make a bunch of fire barons (first units made). After 2-3 groups of Fire Barons, I upgrade to Stage 3. While waiting on that I drive my Deuce over to the heads, and I shoot them and use my sonic boom box a bunch of times. Not sure if that helped but i figured maybe it was because.......after stage 3 goes up, I make the jungle fire breathing gorrilla face monkey guys, 4-5 waves of them, then I send them over to the first head, it does down in like 2 seconds, and before i do anything else I send them to the other head. Once they are on their way, I make a few more units and rally them to the other still standing head and I start driving through the first downed head. Destroyed that and then almost as soon as i landed the other head went down. Boom Done. Now just drive up the middle for your final battle. Really only used facemelter and animal spawn solos. Not sure if me hiting the heads with the deuce in the down time helped but it sure seemed like it.

That was on Brutal as well.

10-20-2009, 09:52 PM
Thanks for the help and great posts guys :)

10-20-2009, 10:25 PM
so simple, done in 4 steps:
1)fill out your army to distract incoming attacks and replenish whenever someone is killed (make sure you have enough saved up before you attempt to attack one of the towers) also you make a difference in the outcome of a battle so just keep attacking the incoming enemies and save up a lot of fans (a good 2000 should do it) to replenish army later on in fight.

2)build two archery vehicles (can't remember name) and put one on each side, then whenever all enemies are cleared and your army is filled out (10 slots saved for archery vehicles) move onto step 3.

3)double team with an Archy vehicle, drive up one of the tunnels and shoot the side of the head 20 times. As soon as you finish fill out your army and then drive into the head with the druid plow. Now repeat with the other side (make sure to do the other tower as soon as you finish with the first, don't waste time defending merch. towers).
4)summon the druid plow again (if need be) and drive into the head in the middle which should have fallen down once you destroy the second tower.

I did this on brutal diff. with no problems on my first try, took about six minutes or so.

For anyone who is having trouble with the Sea of Black Tears mission, all I did was:
1)make a rock crusher to take out the enemies on the bridge
2)took out the two towers then repeatedly attacked the enemies inside their base with the rock crusher and some help from a few fire barons
3)then I ordered a my four roadie units to attack to the stage
4)I used rock block to assure the roadies wouldn't be attacked in the process
5)finally I just used my trusty axes to defend my roadies as they annihilated the stage

Campaign was pretty easy, took me 12 hours to get 100% because I took my time and took the game in. Hope they decide to release some DLC.