View Full Version : This game is a piece of ....

10-20-2009, 04:39 PM
.. Right, I know that there a number of threads of this type but I'm so annoyed that I must add to them!!

I'm sooo frustrated right now it's a joke! I've had this game since the day it came out and was just concentrating on doin the (crappy) multiplayer part of it for a while, and i was also playin other games too.

So a couple of days ago i decided to get right into the single player and was suprised that I was actually enjoying it! I've only got about 2 levels left in the game and was enjoying it so much that I decided to collect all intel and tomes in the game as I'd collected most of them in previous levels. I was scared about the freezing but I thought, it won't happen to everyone who plays it!

I collected them all in midtown east/west and then went back through the missions. I went back to hospital to get ONE missing tome and the game freezes when I abort/finish the mission. Before this I replayed Dig site, Warehouse, Church and Farm and no problems!

It's probable then that the freezing glitch starts when you replay the mission Hospital!!

I then was forced to just collect the intel coz it was now impossible to get all tomes. I loaded up the mission Castle, collected what I needed, and guess what?? Another freeze glitch!

This game really is a piece of crap. Surely the QA would havce spotted this during the testing considering that its happened to most of the people that have had the game! The mulitplayer is poo and the SP achievements themselves are utter garbage!

It prob is possible to get all the collectables in the game if u get them all the first time u play the missions, but i think that doin this spoils the game a wee bit coz u want to enjoy it rather than searching for intel, gold AND tomes constantly. The most annoying thing is that on all missions I had collected most stuff n was only missing maybe 1 tome or 1 piece of intel here or there. What a fool!