View Full Version : Still Stuck? Read here for some tips...

I 9voltz I
10-20-2009, 11:56 PM
Basically, I was really mad at this game for a while and after ramming my head into the wall repeatedly trying to get all the achievements, I have a few tips that you may have missed/overlooked.

1. Make sure you have raised your BATTERS' stats. You often raise only the pitchers' stats, but make sure you raise the batting stats. (Press Y on your team's stats to get there)

2. Make sure you put classic batting control on via the VIP Settings menu on the pause screen. It will help make using super bunt easier.

3. Check to make sure the other team has all ONE STAR ratings. If they do, you've probably done the stat-entering correctly.

4. Make sure you play 9-inning games, this will help with just about every achievement.

5. Make sure you use the cheats as efficiently as possible.

6. All the guides say to do all the achievements in one or two games. Take your time and it will be far less frustrating.

Hope some of these help, especially that first one. That made the achievements 1000x easier when I figured out how to properly edit the stats, which is where I think a lot of people are going wrong.