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10-21-2009, 05:27 AM
So this happened, of course, when I bit off more than I can chew. The place for this quest, a canyon of sorts, is full of those damned dogs and sandwiched between two bandit camps. But I did something that made this easy to solo and very profitable.

Here's the deal. Bring lots of ammo and ranged weapons.

1. Go through the first set of skaags (or whatever they're called) and up the hill on YOUR LEFT where there are platforms. These will allow you to skip the second line of beasties waiting for you.

2. The bandit camp is next- two men on the high wall, a few in the house 3-4 or so, and a psycho (sometimes on fire) and sometimes a big brute guy mixed in. Take them out and the guys beyond the wall, again 3-4 guys with a psycho or brute mixed in.

3. On the RIGHT SIDE OF THE WALL- facing it like you were going back to the exit- are platforms with some boxes. Remember this spot- it'll be your last stand.

4.Traverse the RIGHT SIDE OF THE MAP instead of right up the middle towards the quest marker. Follow the wall til you come up against the second bandit camp. You'll go through one skaag nest as well.

4. Clean out the camp- there you'll also find a gun case with random weapons in it

5. Over passed the entrance to the camp, just beyond the ridge, Moe and Molly patrol- one fire skaag and one lightning. Go piss em off, but just enough for them to follow you back to the first bandit camp.

6. Remember that broken platform with the boxes? Jump up there and crouch. If you did this right, one of two things will happen

a. Moe and Molly will run back and forth trying to get to you. If that's the case, do quick pop and shoots from behind the boxes. Molly throws a lighting ball that drops you shields but is easy to survive. Moe is the bad mamajama with two big attacks- a fire ball after he raises on his haunches, and a fire slam which can't reach you at all. Avoid the fire ball, crouch when you're shield is down and keep the buggers interested. Shoot when their mouths are open for good timed crits.


b. Moe and Molly will just stand around from afar and look lost. They'll just roar at you from afar, but won't move or attack. If that's the case, just shoot when their mouths are open and coast through the quest

sidenote: coming back to the camp will probably spawn the bandits again (it did both times I did anyway). If that's the case, you can wait it out while the bandits and the skaags go to war. The skaags will win and you'll be able to focus. Also, along with M & M (*snickers), you will pull a lot of elder, spitter and normal skaags along the way. They pose no problem once you're up- just thin out their numbers starting with the spitters.

When I did this, Molly stayed back and roared at me (I pulled her by herself). When I went back and got Moe, he ran around the boxes trying to get up. Just take cover and :uzi:

good xp, I got some good drops- including my first lightning pistol- and the mission was done on first try. Sorry I can't post a vid, but I'll answer any questions on the matter.

Sporty Flea
10-21-2009, 05:47 AM
um...why not fight them straight up, instead of exploiting the map?

And is this needed? Are people honestly struggling against them?

10-21-2009, 05:58 AM

ouch, my pride.

10-21-2009, 01:08 PM
i was level 15 and i struggled badly against them. And i'm sure some other people who will do the quest too early will as well.

What i did was hide ontop of the roof of the camp and for some reason they can't jump up to it. And on one side theres a closed in section that they can't get to so i'd jump down there for my health and shield to regenerate then pop back up and let the bullets fly.

10-21-2009, 07:30 PM
Just run across the overpass and stand on top of the rock. There's a tree that you'll be looking down upon, so you know you'll be in the right spot.

Just figured I'd post what I just did in case anyone decided to "tl;dr".

10-21-2009, 07:47 PM
1. It's Moe and Marley

2. I killed them by jumping up on the high fence and sniping them.

This quest isn't even hard unless you fight them head-on.