View Full Version : What gun are you using right now!

10-21-2009, 09:18 AM
Ok well we all know one of the main features of this game is the epic amount of guns available.

So why not share!

Post what weapon you are using/attempting to hunt down and give a short description of it.
who knows we might find the most common/rarest gun.

10-21-2009, 09:47 AM
well i am using four guns currently, well four in my four slots, but i favorite two, one is a sniper rifle, and another is a revolver with a blade, sniper is green and revolver is purple, i will post exact stats and names later...

a question, when i watched some of the early interviews, someone mentioned a shotgun that shot like a tornado like effect, can anyone say whether they herd this aswell, or if they even got the weapon in question

oh, and i love the grenade mod that robs the enemy of their health, and restores your own with what was taken
its honestly my secondary healing system, first being my bloodwing, and third being health packs

10-21-2009, 10:18 AM

damage: 78 x2
accuracy: 85.9
fire rate: 6.9

+50% recoil reduction

currently using it on a lvl 43 siren

10-21-2009, 10:33 AM
dont know about a tornado effect but there is one that shoots like waves i got that of the guy with one leg