View Full Version : Co-op Thread

10-21-2009, 03:27 PM
Hello, my gamertag is McAspree (never mind my username here, I dont know how I got that wrong). I will be playing Borderlands tonight probably starting around 6 PM EST. If you want to play with me, here are my current stats:

I play as Hunter.
I am lvl 10
I almost only use snipe and pistol, I throw some grenades.
I can hold my own against multiple enemies and can taqke on lvl 11 enemies easy and some lvl 12

If anyone wants to play with me tonight, add me and send me a message saying "Borderlands". I would prefer a lvl 10-12 person too, but I dont really care. I also dont care at all what your class is. We can do some missions or just power level, I dont care.