View Full Version : 360 perspective from a sony point of view

02-15-2007, 09:48 PM
In an interview in a major gaming magazine A sony rep(keeping things confidential not sure if it is allowed on this board to name places and ppl.) That the 360 in unrealiable. I know its been discussed, but just lettin ya know. Plus he also stated that though ps3 online is very close and will probly do more that the xbox live will. Im sure it will for a month untill live updates. I love my 360, i used to be a Sony lover, but have seen the light. the OG xbox was much better in alot of ways cept that crazy controller. the thing that i loved the most was theoline. ps2 really really sucked. i am/was a pc gamer and loved playing agianst ppl online even the spamers across the screen. but still i love my 360 and say damn the sonly blueray player/ ps3 GIVE ME FUN OR GIVE ME SONY!

02-15-2007, 09:58 PM
Playstation online....you got to be kidding, the service is fucking junk at the moment, XBL is lightyears ahead.

And yes I imagine a Sony Rep would say the 360 was unreliable, when you work for Sony it's a bit of a risk to praise the 360 as has been seen in the past with various sackings.

However I wont deny that the 360 had a lot of problems with the early batches.

02-15-2007, 10:02 PM
You know what Sony has been pulling non-stop updates since launch and they're improving their online quickly. I've played some resistance online and almost everyone has experienced no lag in 40 player matches which is very good.

I know Sony always overpromises and under delivers but I think they're still doing great. I'll be buying one around May or June and a Wii along side it. Gotta have them all :)

And yeah XBOX 360 is still great too. In terms of power and quality, they both have it all. It's just preference. I mean they both have incredible amounts of exclusives. Sony lost a few, but Sony has so many more exclusives left. Either way, I think Sony is fine but no matter what all rivals will talk smack about each other.

And you thought PS2 online sucked? You know what the marketplace and stuff is all cool, but I've had much better connections playing PS2 online then I've had 360 online. Honestly, this Gears of war lag i've never experienced once during my Socom runs with PS2. Not once. In the end of the day it's how it plays online the other stuff is just extra.

Psycene XBL was pretty much the same during launch as PSN but PSN is progressing much faster then XBL did.