View Full Version : This game is great so far,

11-03-2009, 10:00 PM
I'm loving the backstory and history of the world already and i'm still doing my mage's origins quest.

The combat took a bit to get used to, but now i'm enjoying it and am looking forward to seeing all of the possibilities.

What's everyone else think?

11-04-2009, 08:48 PM
I love this game so far also, but the game just came out so I don't want to rate too quickly. A game may be great at first, but then later gets rediculas and annoying.

I started as a Dwarf Noble, I was excited to have a Dwarf without the fifty-foot long beards and ugly braids in the hair, I liked looking different. I went straight to the provings and fought, and the combat was unexpected. I was told it was going to be like Kingdom Under Fire, but with a smaller group of people (Not an army) and you couldn't hack 'n' slash like in KUF, but it isn't like that at all! It is more like WoW mixed in with FFXII's gambit system. This game is fun, but so far the story has been extremely predictable for me, I have actually made a game out of guessing what is going to happen and everyones motives, and has been right so far. Maybe I have just played too many games lol.

Well I am on my 8'th hour playing, and it has been great and addicting, but I see myself playing this like on Mass Effect after a couple of playthroughs, just skipping through conversation and wanting more action.
One thing left to say though, Alistair is freakin' awsome. I love using him (Same style as me! Wee!) and he is pretty funny! =D