View Full Version : xBot dictates Xbox 360 controller, racks up gamer points

Weapon 117
02-19-2007, 12:44 PM
So what's the xBot? It's an automated Xbox 360 button pusher to get Perfect Dark Zero's two most tedious achievements: 1000 Death Match Games and 1000 Dark Ops Games worth 30 gamer points each (60 total). Both of these Achievements were successfully obtained by the xBot without having to sit there and push buttons for 40-50 some-odd hours. While it's running its course, nothing needs to be touched.


Read the full story>> (http://www.toeotr.net/dknyte/xbot.html)

Bounty Bob
02-19-2007, 02:50 PM
While I don't personally think it's worth the effort for 60 points, it is pretty funky.

02-19-2007, 03:26 PM
10 hours to build. I don't know, but I think that may be a huge waste of time. Just something for 2 achievements in one game. Interesting, but not worth it to me. I'd rather just play the number of games I needed.

02-19-2007, 03:53 PM
It could also be used to boost in Rainbow6:Vegas.. you get achievements for getting higher ranks, too. He probably had fun building it, as people who have the ability to create things like that usually enjoy doing so.

I'm sure there's other uses it could be used for too, like, a pinky finger massager? You know, those damned pinky fingers and their tensing up.


02-19-2007, 05:18 PM
You know you need 60 gamer points bad when...

02-19-2007, 06:56 PM
All that for just 60 points? Seems a bit desperate to me.

02-19-2007, 07:47 PM
Well, PDZ's achievements are whack anyways. 30 points for 1000 games.. 30 points for 1000 headshots/kills/kills in team/infections/etc.

And the points for co-op and single player are dumb. They really messed up on the achievements for this game. I would actually do this.. If the materials required to make this were easy to get.

02-19-2007, 08:58 PM
You could use it to get the 50, 200 and 500 games on BF2 with it aswell, all you have to do it make it press A 3 times every 15/20 mins or so.

02-20-2007, 12:00 AM
cheater!!!! haha I bet he could make a lot of money selling it.

02-20-2007, 01:03 AM
he should start a company I bet he could get pretty rich